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Topic: SI-strings: with Kontakt or Giga???

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    SI-strings: with Kontakt or Giga???

    Please excuse that question, as I know many just see it as only a question of preference, but to me it is a question of money:

    SI sells the Kontakt version right now for $850 presale. So this would leave some money for getting Kontakt itself. Any advantages you see of using a Kontakt version over a Giga (Giga 3 version) or the other way round?

    Anybody using Kontakt & Giga at the same time?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: SI-strings: with Kontakt or Giga???

    I would personally go for Giga over Kontakt versions, especially if it is your plan to upgrade to GigaStudio 3.0. I don\'t know the plans associated with Sonic Implants\' Giga update, if there will even be one, but a GigaStudio 3.0 version would likely be a more robust implementation than a current Kontakt version.

    Also, since this is a very acoustic, naturalistic sort of library, it plays a bit more to the strengths of GigaStudio than Kontakt. The polyphony management of release tails is going to be more acoustically correct when modeled with Giga\'s self mask. The overall polyphony management will be more favorable. The more interesting features of Kontakt, its stretching modes, \"machine\" functions, etc., may not be as applicable to this library as some.

    Definitely that is my personal take based upon how I perceive the library\'s uses and the choices at hand. For you, I think it ultimately depends upon how you see your workflow/software choices playing out in the future. If you use Giga now, and intend to pursue Giga 3.0 on release, that would lean one way. If you\'re interested in Kontakt, and want to pursue that sampler in and of itself, the Kontakt version might make more sense.

    One thing for sure, the current Giga version of the library will most likely be more portable to Kontakt than the Kontakt version of the library will be to Giga 2 or 3. Since the overwhelming majority of sampler library materials in the field are Giga versions, most of the more sophisticated conversion tools feature Giga to Kontakt. Kontakt to Giga has not had as much support, initially because of the sheer disparity of titles, and lately more because some Kontakt titles are bound by copy protection to that host alone.

    Hopefully that\'s a decent breakdown of the decisionmaking aspects. The library is really sweet.

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    Re: SI-strings: with Kontakt or Giga???

    >>Hopefully that\'s a decent breakdown of the decisionmaking aspects.<<

    Yep, it was. Thanks very much Bruce


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