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Topic: Breathe - Demo (Grid Snap Off)

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    Breathe - Demo (Grid Snap Off)


    As I mentioned in previous posts, I had been struck by a virus a few years ago which has taken a toll on my health and has crippled my breathing.

    Today, I wanted to begin composing something for myself. This is a composition I am creating called, "Breathe." It reflects upon the day that the virus attacked and destroyed my health (The past), it reflects upon my continuous struggles in coping with the aftermath (The present), and it reflects on maybe some day that my breathing and health will be restored (the future).

    For this composition, the grid snap is off. This is being created with the timing that feels right to my ears and emotions.

    Libraries used:
    - Blakus Cello (Embertone)
    - Appassionata Strings (Vienna)
    - Emotional Piano (Soundiron)



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    Re: Breathe - Demo (Grid Snap Off)

    That's a lovely start, Richard. I especially like the opening measures with the piano, but the cello's melody is also beginning something that could work nicely and Breathe, as in your title and the inspiration for starting this.

    You've mentioned Grid/Snap off several times recently. I want to encourage you again to always work that way, rather than having that be the exception. You've worked in the PRV for so long now, you can see where the notes need to go, so go ahead and simulate that kind of performance generated inaccuracy and your music will always benefit from it.

    I still feel there must be something not quite worked out right with the set up of your MIDI keyboard and the way you were trying to use it, since you've said it just doesn't work well for you. Especially since you gravitate towards writing gentle, sad pieces, I know you could really respond to the beauty of actually playing your music rather than piecing it together in the slow motion note-by-note way. When a smooth workflow is established, it doesn't call for anything but the most rudimentary keyboard chops. Even recording one measure at a time can work.-- Anyway, I think it would be great for you if a method of using your MIDI keyboard more could be worked out for yourself.

    Wishing you the best as you move beyond the early stages of "Breathe" and develop it into a full piece.


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    Re: Breathe - Demo (Grid Snap Off)

    This is indeed a very promising start. You've created a clear and sensitive atmosphere with very nice sounding instruments. The only thing (I know it's just a beginning) is how the orchestra blends. There is a certain depth (staging), but it sounds like the sections play on a different stage. I'm sure you will find a solution for that when you continu this wonderful compositional onset.

    Please go on!


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    Re: Breathe - Demo (Grid Snap Off)

    Thanks for listening and enjoying the piece. I am also enjoying the grid snap off. It does feel more human like than with the grid on. I know... the keyboard would be so good for this if I could just play it properly. Here is what it feels like when I look at the keyboard:

    *I'm the little guy and the keyboard is the big guy

    I do need to get more practice on it. It's just really hard when you can't get that timing right, then I just end up giving up.

    Thanks for the feedback and listening to the beginning so far. I know what I did wrong. I put the dynamic fade to long. I need to make the strings come in louder in the beginning. Thanks again for the feedback!



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    Re: Breathe - Demo (Grid Snap Off)

    Hello Rich:

    I hope you are feeling better.
    I agree with others comments, continue with this piece, it sounds great, and more optimistic than I thought it will be.
    Thanks for the posting...


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    Re: Breathe - Demo (Grid Snap Off)

    Thanks for the feedback Ted! I am glad you are enjoying it so far. I'm definitely going to get this one done. I have been lacking in music creation over the last few days. I have been extremely busy working on my other project "The Legend of Erthia." It's been nuts over the last few days at the LOE FB page.



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