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Topic: Virtuoso plug-in for GRANDIOSO libraries

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    Virtuoso plug-in for GRANDIOSO libraries

    The new Virtuoso plug-in for the GRANDIOSO libraries will be ready shortly.
    With the beta software (code name Virtuoso) you will be able to do re-pedalling (crossfading between pedal down and pedal up samples while a note is playing), you can get release samples with more velocity levels than previously possible, and you can have pedal action samples for more realism.

    The next demo shows what it can do: virtuoso
    You hear a demonstration of the repedalling and the sustain pedal noise.

    We are currently beta-testing it.
    If you feel like joining the test team, visit www.postmusicalinstruments.com and write us an email.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Virtuoso plug-in for GRANDIOSO libraries

    Count me in Mr. Post.
    I\'m sending you an email right now [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Virtuoso plug-in for GRANDIOSO libraries


    You and Gary have set the new standard for your \'post\' release service. Thanks for your efforts to continually improve your already excellent library.

    (sorry for the pun)


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    Re: Virtuoso plug-in for GRANDIOSO libraries

    Hi Michiel,

    Thanks, I thought I\'d bump this to the top for the benefit of other Bosendorfer owners. I\'d like in on this project, but as I don\'t do this full time I can\'t commit major time and resources to the Beta effort. It\'s nice to know this technology is in the pipeline and I know I will be an avid user when it\'s production ready. Thanks again.

    Steve Chandler
    aka Ettienne

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