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Topic: Jazz and the Grandioso

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    Jazz and the Grandioso

    I have yet to commit to one of the newer pianos for GS. Before I do, I\'d love to hear a well-done jazz trio or small group with the Grandiosos (both the Steinway and the Bose) just so I know that I\'ve done all the listening I can before I make my decision. I know there is a trio mp3 of the Grandioso Steinway, but, as Michiel Post pointed out, the recording was plagued by an unfortunate mix. And I\'ve yet to hear the Grandioso Bose in a jazz context. Can anyone help (Mr. Richardson, I seem to remember you\'ve mentioned using the Steinway for jazz...do you have an example you could share)? The classical demos are great and all, but how about some straight-ahead bop in a group so we can check out how well they sit in a mix?

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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    Out of all the sampled pianos I have the Bardstown Bosendorfer is numero uno for jazz.

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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    The Bardstown Bosendorfer is the best piano sample for using in a jazz/rock/dance mix. It cuts through beautifully. Kip has some jazz demos on the site.


    -- Martin

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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    Beatnik & Mschiff,

    Just out of interest, do you own either of the two Post pianos? I too, own Kip\'s Bosendorfer, and I\'m always on the lookout for another piano sample suitable for jazz.

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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    I appreciate the recommendations of Kip\'s piano, of which I\'m well aware and impressed. Still wondering about the Grandiosos though.

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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    I only know Grandioso series pianos, both the Steinway and the Bosendorfer. Unfortunately I don\'t have any jazz examples on my site but I know both Grandioso pianos have a great colour and \"body\" when played in jazz.

    Too bad I did not record the improvisations I had a couple of days ago with a bassist friend of mine (drums were played by the sequencer).

    I know my comment cannot be considered too much because I just know one side of the coin but I felt like posting my point of view.

    Best luck in choosing the library that fits your needs,


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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    To any jazzers out there ...

    I\'m licenced to use Kip\'s Bosendorfer and I\'ve just bought a licence for Michiel\'s Bosendorfer (can\'t wait!). [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] As soon as the Grandioso arrives I\'ll try and put together some comparisons with my own material. If anyone has any MIDI files they\'d like me to use as a demo, feel free to email them to me: sduckpants@rm.com (just remove the pants from the address). Just for the record, my heros include, Keith Jarrett, Michel Petrucciani, Oscar Petersen, David Newton and Julian Joseph. I think most of them are/were Steinway recording artists - oh, I just bought a Bosendorfer ... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    Check out this thread


    This pretty much nails it.

    In addition, I have used the Grandioso Steinway on small jazz bands (trios / quartets) and it works great. I would have my doubts about an application with a Big Band. The piano\'s forte is its \'intimacy\' - almost moody sound. From what Bruce says in the thread above - Kip\'s may be more suited for your application. You couldn\'t go wrong with having all three pianos - if budget allows.

    Hope this helps.


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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    Originally posted by jazzbozo:
    I appreciate the recommendations of Kip\'s piano, of which I\'m well aware and impressed. Still wondering about the Grandiosos though.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Out of the two Grandiosos, I would recommend the Steinway over the Bosendorfer for jazz. The Bosendorfer is just a bit too roomy for the application in general, at least in my opinion. I think the Steinway\'s 8-layer with release patch is excellent for that type of playing.

    As for the choice between the Bardstown Bos and Post Grand. Steinway for a jazz setting, I would say it depends on the mic\'ing of the other instruments involved. If there\'s \"room\" in the sound, for instance if most of the drum sound is coming from overheads, I\'d opt for the Steinway. If it\'s really close on everything, the Bos would probably be the first choice. Either one could be blended or EQ\'d/compressed to work, most likely, but those are just some impressions to help you form ideas.

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    Re: Jazz and the Grandioso

    Bruce is a respected forum member and I enjoy reading his discussions, but I disagree on his assessment of these pianos. I do a lot of jazz and I have both of these pianos in question and the Bardstown Bosey sounds much better than the Grandioso Steinway for everything, including a mix with overhead drum micing.

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