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Topic: Ebay Piracy???

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    Ebay Piracy???

    I\'m not looking to start yet another full-blown piracy thread, but I am wondering if this seems slightly fishy to anyone else besides me.

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2375179335&category=41 786

    I\'ve looked at this seller\'s other and previous auctions, and he always \"throws in\" another pricy application...

    It seems ALMOST too good to be true, yet it also seems like it COULD be on the up and up...

    Unlike this auction http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3700452601&category=41 785
    which clearly smells really bad...

    Thoughts? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    I would leave well alone. I just got stung by a jerk who claimed to be selling an original copy of Sound Forge 7. It looked totally credible - picture of a boxed product, an explicitly worded assertion that it was original and still registerable. But I still got an illegal CDR copy.

    I was as careful as I could be. His feedback checked out ok. He had sold several other music technology items, usually to satisfied customers, but not such a long string of stuff as to be suspicious. It could easily have been someone off-loading products they no longer used.

    Of course now I think about it, I can\'t imagine why anyone would already be getting rid of Sound Forge 7, but at the time I just wanted to believe.

    The sad thing is it\'s the buyers who don\'t mind using illegal copies of software who enable these pirates to trade. For instance, I\'ve dealt with another guy - before buying Sound FOrge - for GRM Tools. They haven\'t arrived yet, but now I\'m a little savvy to ebay I know I\'m getting garbage. Why? Because he had a previous list of products as long as my arm, all available at ridiculous \'buy me now\' prices. There is simply no way anyone could have got hold of that many originals for so little. He even had 4 copies of GRM Tools for $49 each, and I wondered why they weren\'t getting snapped up. It seems clear now that this was someone who is copying his own software and selling the copies.

    But only one person had ever complained about him. Just one person complained about getting a CDR copy of software. The other 100+ who\'d left feedback said they were really happy, and the product was just what they expected. Which leads me to believe that these people didn\'t mind using illegal software - in fact were EXPECTING copies. If these 100+ people hadn\'t tolerated him he would now be removed from ebay and probably be looking at a prison sentence, but instead he\'s a power seller.

    The message is don\'t put up with pirates, or you are helping them.

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    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    The reason I\'m not entirely sure this is a scam is because his prices (not including his \"bonuses\") seem to fall within a reasonable range...

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    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    Some software can be resold. For example Digital Performer can be resold. The buyer registers with MOTU and away you go. Usually soundware can\'t.


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    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    The feetback is all possitive, so that certainly means you can trust him. If he sold illegal copies, he\'d certainly have a lot of negative feetback!

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    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    It\'s getting worse too.

    With all the rampant fraud and account stealing going on with ebay, I\'d make sure your seller was legit before spending any money I couldn\'t afford to part with.

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    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    Yes, i was just in an ebay disaster .... my hard earned money was left in electronic limbo for almost a month due to a shady seller (apple powerbooks are amoungst the worse fraud cases on ebay, as i found out, de-facto).

    With all the bad press on ebay, and the handful of class action suites against Paypal, i hope their demise comes soon! Either that or be a TRUE middle man, and collect the goods, then sell to the other party. Otherwise, people will ultimetly stop using them, because they dont feel safe.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    As Lee said, it is almost impossible to report fraud on Ebay. You get sent on a wild link chase, which ends up back at a FAQ (even though you are being told you\'re on your way to making a report).

    It\'s very clear that Ebay wants nothing to do with it. My suggestion is to instead copy the pages, descriptions, etc., and report them to the FBI and to law enforcement agencies and to news outlets...while describing how difficult Ebay makes it to report these instances of fraud.

    This is how you\'ll get action.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Dallas, Texas

    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    Pingu...if you have the seller information, and the copied Sound Forge disk, report this to Sony. They\'re all about busting these kinds of scumbags.


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    Re: Ebay Piracy???

    Originally posted by Bruce A. Richardson:
    ...My suggestion is to instead copy the pages, descriptions, etc., and report them to the FBI and to law enforcement agencies...
    This is how you\'ll get action.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Maybe...I\'ve bought and sold (mostly bought) over 100 items on ebay, mostly CDs & DVDs...I\'ve only had a problem one time...somebody sold me a CD that I thought was an import but was clearly ripped from a DVD and burned onto a CD-R...when I called them on it, they repeatedly denied it was pirated and offered to take the item back for a full refund figuring that would shut me up - I refused because what\'s the point ? They\'d just sell it to someone else.

    I left them neg. feedback, they retaliated with neg. feedback...I reported them to ebay, RIAA, and the Postal Inspectors (USPS mail fraud investigation - because any illegal thing that happens that involves USPS is more or less automatically mail fraud) - they were using a P.O. Box of course.

    eBay said that they would \"look into it\" - they did, and pretty much said that there wasn\'t a whole lot that they could do...apparently I was the first person to complain about these guys - I don\'t think they can do much on just one complaint.

    I heard nothing from RIAA - I filled out a form on their website - but to have RIAA look into something you have to know almost everything about the alleged pirate\'s operation (like how many CD burners they have ????) - I only knew their ebay ID and PO Box #.

    USPS sent me back a packet in the mail like 6 weeks later that said they had informed the party of my complaint and that I would have to do all this other stuff if I wanted to take it any farther...which I was just way to busy to do.

    So I guess my point is, a) take ebay with a grain of salt - I still use it with a high degree of success and b) I\'m not real sure how willing any of these \"authorities\" are to deal with small cases of piracy - I thought I would at least get some action out of the RIAA, but since I knew next to nothing about these people, it didn\'t seem like there was a whole lot the RIAA could or was willing to do.

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