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Topic: Demos posted

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    Demos posted

    Strings are GOS, winds are Dan Dean, timpani, marimba, vibes are DSsoundware, harp is Gigaharp, harpsichord and celesta are Michiel Post.

    My apologies, the site is a work in progress.

    Jeannot Welter.

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    Re: Demos posted

    As I was listening I was thinking, \"It\'s amazing how much expression can be breathed into samples.\" Then i started to think how great GPO sounded for just $250.

    Then I went back and saw you used everything but GPO!

    Great music by the way. I love the angularity and the harmonic colors of your writing.

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    Re: Demos posted

    Hi Jeannot

    very cool (and expressive) pieces!
    Which Gos instruments you used?


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    Re: Demos posted

    That\'s some great writing there , Jeannot. I especially liked \"Song For M\". Why are the violins so much louder than the other instruments?

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Demos posted

    Thank you.


    The scherzo uses every articulation available in GOS except for the tremolos. The other 2 pieces use mostly EXP/LEG, grand detaches and portato.


    The violins carry the main theme. Although I like what is going on in the background, it is secondary.


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