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Topic: pictures

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    moving to Gen off topic, because I\'m a f-in moron and posted it in this forum.


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    Re: pictures

    How old are you king? You\'re too young to be a genius. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: pictures

    its been a great start to the year regarding my looks being a bit misleading to my age.

    today I was the only carded yet AGAIN, around other friends, some of whom are younger.

    and this weekend I was getting picked up on by 19 and 20 yr-olds at a club...for once in my life they were also women this time around (and met one of the most beautiful women in the world, but thats another story)

    hope it keeps going this rate for a few more years atleast, tho I\'ll have to start lying to people about my age to avoid the whole \"oh my god, no you\'re not\" thing.... which come to think of it was something I started doing when I was 19 because people did the whole \"oh my god, no you\'re not\", but in reverse, thinking I was older. There\'s a distinct happy feeling about having older gorgeous women come on to you, but the feeling you get when they get freaked out about it isn\'t good.... I\'m sure its worse in reverse.

    I\'m 29, I\'ll be 30 this year.

    btw, I\'m no genius, just an idiot.

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