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Topic: Little off the topic !!

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    Little off the topic !!


    I know this is off the topic, but please give me some input.

    A university close by is offering a Major in Music Technology (Electronic Music). My question is this what type of careers, can one get with such a degree?

    I would like to be financially independent, but also like what I do. There is alos a Multimedia Degree offered, but do not know if any of these degrees are marketable.

    I have been pondering the last few days and am getting really frustrated as I do not know what I want to do. I would love to design sound or create synthesis, but are there good jobs in demand for Electronic Music Majors?

    Any input will much be appreciated.

    Cannot wait to hear the new Atmosphere from Eric Piersing.

    Please shed some light its dark in here!!!


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    Re: Little off the topic !!

    I doubt any degree in music will guarantee you \"financial independence\". My experience has determined that, sadly, a degree in music has nothing to do with one\'s ability to make money as a musician--unless you\'re set on forging a career in academia

    If you want to make money in music, I would focus on doing whatever it takes to build a phenomenal amount of skill in one or more areas of music. Unless you\'re a gifted self-promoter, it\'s almost essential to function on a VERY high level in whatever branch of music you\'re interested in. That takes a LOT of work, dedication, resiliance, good mentors, good luck and a good sense of humor to acquire.

    Just my 2 cents....

    I should also mention that my experience doesn\'t include working in the flim/TV industry--it would be nice to hear from anybody who is pursuing or is working in one way or another in film/TV in LA. How would one obtain work as a sound designer, synthesist, composer/sound designer\'s assistent, or music tech in LA?

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    Re: Little off the topic !!

    Thanks Phatlippz

    I would love to get some input on this, definately.


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    Re: Little off the topic !!

    I believe that the most important thing is to have a clear goal in mind, something that you know in your heat you want to accomplish, and stick to it if heaven\'s fall! Unlike the widespread belief, this is the inner strenght, determination and harmony which bring success to someone rather than any external factor, be it institution, conditions or any outer appearances. The real answer always comes from a voice within which speaks the Truth but which is often overruled by the intellectual maelstrom, unfortunately. I know that it is always when a state of peace is present that all the seeming oppositions of the outer mind vanish, and that clear, self-evident facts and feelings may bring enlightenment regarding a choice before us...

    Personally, I don\'t believe that academic institutions really teach what it takes to be successful in any area... I don\'t say that they are useless, but I believe that hands-on, intense continued practice is really what gets things going. I decided that I wanted to compose music and make a living of that a few years ago, and with the momentum I have gained, I can work 10 hours a day almost every day without feeling strain, because I love what I do!

    It takes strenght to pursue our true deep heart\'s desires, but it is worth any effort we can invest!!

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    Re: Little off the topic !!

    It\'s all about what you want to do.

    If you want to be a musician, though, get a music degree and forget the electronic thing. You\'re probably functioning at a higher level in that regard than some of the people who teach the courses.

    I\'d agree with the sentiments expressed by everyone so far, just maybe a little stronger. The degree itself will guarantee you nothing except perhaps getting you through the door in some cases. The rest will always be up to your desires and tenacity.

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