Hi girls & guys,

I need your help to decide. There are so many brass cds out there, each differing very much in pricing if one gets an akai version or the audio only. Now it seems to be easy to decide, but it isn\'t: maybe those that have already bought them can share some insight:

brass super section: AKAI $140; Audio $70, Roland $200 (taking a look at soundsonline all have the same cover. Disk with midi files. So: what is the REAL difference explaining the price difference)

memphis horns: do you know what is more to the akai version than the audio/wav. only?

phantom horns: the giga version is more expensive than the multiformat version. there MUST be a difference (to be honest: Zero-G was already trying to help me with sending \"explanation files\" but I couldn\'t yet open the Giga help file to really learn. Thanks to Zero-G for trying to help)

I think that basically covers my questions currently. Please excuse my ignorance...

warm regards