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Topic: Gigasampler and memory

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    Gigasampler and memory

    I know questions related to this come up all the time, but trawling past posts I couldn\'t find a clear answer. How much RAM can Gigastudio use?

    Some answers seem to suggest the more the better, but then some seem to suggest there is an upper limit to how much is useful, and that too much might even cause conflicts with soundcards IRQs.

    I\'m about to buy a machine for Gigastudio, at last, and upgrading from 512MB to 2GB of RAM is going to more than double the cost. I haven\'t even tried configuring it with 3GB yet, because I don\'t know if there\'s any point. Please could someone give a definitive answer.


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    Re: Gigasampler and memory

    There is probably no definite answer to your question I\'m afraid.

    RAM will never cause IRQ problems (RAM uses no IRQ)

    How will you be using your Giga machine? Dedicated to Gigastudio only? What are you going to load with it? (Entire Gigastrings+DanDean+Therestofthestuff and you are going to need much more RAM than if you are loading more moderate things)

    Gigastudio streams the samples from the harddrive. What takes up ram is mainly (correct me if I\'m wrong) the \"patches\"/\"programs\" (probably wrong terminology?)

    What operating system will you be using? (I recommend Win XP. As long as drivers for your equipment is compatible.)

    If price is your concern, consider starting out with 512MB. RAM is easily upgraded. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Gigasampler and memory

    Visit the Tascam forums and ask the same questions.

    The Windows 98se OS uses less ram than XP.

    When using it with Gigastudio, I believe there is a limit to the amount of RAM XP lets you access something like 1gb. SO maybe 3gb is a waste.

    The guys on the Tascam forum are tech support and can probably be more help.

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