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Topic: Anybody Notice.....Prosonus

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    Anybody Notice.....Prosonus

    Has anyone noticed that the Prosonus Orchestral Set is disappearing from the resellers? Even BFA doesn\'t list it anymore. Could it be because of all the bad tunings? Just curious


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    Re: Anybody Notice.....Prosonus

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    Re: Anybody Notice.....Prosonus

    The update is available at: Prosonus Tuning Update

    You should now be able to buy the retuned library (what they call \"Perfectly Tuned\" samples) i.e. not have to perform an update. They call the out-of-tune version \"Authentically Tuned\" which, I believe, is also available.

    \"Ok sir, I\'ve got your address and credit card information. Now, would like the out-of-tune version or the in-tune version of this library?\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Anybody Notice.....Prosonus

    I was looking at that site just yesterday, to see if the tunings had ever been updated, but saw no info. As Donnie can no longer post on this board, does anyone have an update on his updates?

    I would like to buy this lib, but not till it\'s been fixed. Donnie, if you read this and have a reply, you could email me directly at davidk@thesoundsmith.com


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