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Topic: Remote control sonar??

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    Remote control sonar??

    Is there any way to set up my PC so I won\'t have to hit the record button on Sonar, and then run into the next room wtih my sax in hand (tripping over mic cables)? It would be really nice if I could just stay in front of the dang microphone , and be able to record/stop/shuttle without having to move back and forth between rooms.

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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    Here\'s the place to find out:

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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    You can setup Sonar to be remote controlled by
    midi - see Options->Key bindings and choose
    midi. Then oyu get a list of notes which
    you can bind to all sorts of events, eg. record,
    start, stop etc.


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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    But if you\'re not using a midi keyboard controller you could try a wireless computer keyboard. I use mine in the same room to record guitar without being in front of the monitor. However, it does seem to have a range beyonjd a single room- I just walked down the hall with it, controlling as I went.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Just set up a track to record on and hit \"R\" on your remote keyboard to start recording. The space bar stops it, and if \"W\" brings you back to the beginning of the track where you could erase \"CTRL Z\" and start over!


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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    Here\'s the \"because you can,\" over the top solution:

    ProRec.com article--A Complete Wireless DAW Remote Control

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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    How bout this; www.pcremotecontrol.com

    Use your TV remote for your PC. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Not sure how gimmicky this thing is but a VHS remote would be awesome for a sequencer app. Thats if you could assign the playback controls to different functions in the sequencer.

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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    There is also a Mac client available for Remote Desktop Connection. Check it out here:



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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    I know your scenario with hitting record and running into the next room.

    My work around is:

    1) to set up a 10-20 bar count-in which gives me plenty of time to walk into the room, close the door, get in front of the mic, play a few notes and adjust my instrument position.

    2) Set up a two bar cue so that after the count-in finishes you know you\'re about to start recording your part. Usually, I\'ll just have this cue be two bars before my part or if it\'s at the beginning of the song, copy and paste a two-bar part from the drum line so I can still feel the tempo before I play my part.

    3) set up up a loop record with each new take being recorded into a new track

    It\'s not perfect but it\'s a cost effective way to get your take if you\'re a one-man studio. You don\'t have to buy another piece of software and you can use the sequencer\'s function that are already available.

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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    You could:

    Get an extension cord to your computer keyboard, so you can bring it into the the recording room. Or, get a cordless keyboard, and use an extension cable to bring the receiver into the recording room.


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    Re: Remote control sonar??

    How about voice command... your mic is already hooked up anyway. I don\'t really know how to do this, I just thought it would be cool.

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