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Topic: Save Tara (2014) - Now Completed

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    Save Tara (2014) - Now Completed


    Well, I finally got her done! I started this arrangement around Christmas time (2013). I have been working on it sinse on and off, mostly to give my ears a break and then tackle it again to find the changes I needed to do.

    This is the 39th arrangement to Save Tara. I am very happy with the final outcome to this arrangement. I feel it is the best I have done so far for this composition. I know a lot of you know already, but Save Tara is a composition that was created for the memories of a wonderful girl who walked into my life.

    So here it is, my sweat, my heart, my soul, and my life.

    Passages in Save Tara:
    Part 1: Main Theme (Tara)
    Part 2: Devotion and love
    Part 3: Save the memories of my angel
    Part 4: The memories of us

    More about Tara:

    Libraries used:
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Vienna Appassionata Strings (SE)
    - Vienna Soprano Choir
    - Sonivox Big Bang 2
    - Soundiron's Olympus Choir Elements



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    Re: Save Tara (2014) - Now Completed

    Congratulation Richard, bravo.
    Very good orchestration and mix.
    One just have to listen, then there is not much to add, you added all...


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    Re: Save Tara (2014) - Now Completed

    Thanks Ted. I really do feel that this hit home. It is very close to the original but with all the skills I have now. I don't think I need to make another arrangement for quite some time. Thanks for the listen.

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