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Topic: Atmosphere is here?

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    Atmosphere is here?


    I am excited about the Atmosphere Eric has been working on. Any new Demos of Atmosphere Virtual Instrument library?

    Eric please update us, its dark in here!!!


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    Re: Atmosphere is here?

    Hehehe! I have to join this point. Last month it also said next month - as the month before. Why not be strict with the dates? Write in late 2002 - instead of writing months. It seems rather annoying to check a website 50 times to find out - that next month was last month.

    So great lord and master of sounds - Mr. Eric Persing alias Spectrum - I humbly beg you! We need demos to be temporary satiesfied!

    Yours truly - Chris

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    Re: Atmosphere is here?

    I\'ve been working on a few demos for Atmosphere, and I can assure you that it is worth the wait! And I can also say that based on the beta that I\'ve been playing with, it will be ready very, very soon [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] .

    First impressions? Very fat sound; enough patches to keep you inspired for months, if not years; cinematically (!!) evocative (remember, these are programmed by the guy who made Distorted Reality); what-was-that-? leads (my favourite part) that can easily transform into vocal-like basses; very fat sound; great analog patches (again, this guy has an amazing arsenal of synths to sampe); simple and practical interface; did I mention that the sound is fat?; etc. Colour?: think JD-800CS80Prophet5MaelstromOberheimMoogWavestationAbs ynth

    Note: I don\'t work for the company, I\'m just in love with the software!

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    Re: Atmosphere is here?

    Anxiously awaiting this sucker and Trinity.

    As well as Phatmatic Pro, now thats been mentioned.

    I bought Stylus, and like it. Its definitely cool.

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    Re: Atmosphere is here?

    I\'ll let you guys know when we put up the new demos page...it\'ll be really soon.

    For you LA guys...make sure to come see us in person at the AES show this Sat-Tues....booth 1134 and you can say howdy and check these out in detail!

    More info to come soon....


    PS...I think you meant the \"Trilogy\" Total Bass Module...right King [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Glad you\'re enjoying Stylus!

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    Re: Atmosphere is here?

    Hi guys,
    I find the Atmospheres concept quite intriguing. Am I correct in thinking of it conceptually as something sort of like a Kurzweil K2500 in software form? By that I mean a powerful, programmable, sample based synthesizer?

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    Re: Atmosphere is here?

    Well, it has basic subtractive synthesis capabilities, like high and low-pass filtering, ADSR enveloppes for the filter and amplitude, 4 LFOs, modulation of pitch + pan + filter, adjustment of the start point, etc, but I wouldn\'t compare it to a Kurzweil (with its very cool V.A.S.T synth engine). That said, it\'s only a baby, and will no doubt be updated over time, so who knows what will be added in terms of synthesis? [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Atmosphere is here?

    ooops yah.Trilogy...damn Matrix Movies...

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