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Topic: windows 2k registration mystery

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    windows 2k registration mystery

    i just got GS 160 version2.0 from a retail store.
    the website says NOT to install but to get the download code for the 2.5 patch.
    i can\'t register online becuase i don\'t have a registration number that is generated upon installation. i am assuming the only option i sato call tascam to register?? am i missing something?

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    Re: windows 2k registration mystery

    Looks like you\'re a quick study! I just went through this AGAIN for the 2nd time, when windows totally crapped out and I had to re-install it. Registration for GS is like 4 steps, none of which are fun, but it\'s the only way to get the software to work. Even after I called them they sent me something via email from the website I had to fill out, then I still had to call them back. Whoever created the process for Nemesys must have been really trippin on something cause it\'s a very whacked out process if you ask me. Happy registering (it didn\'t take me too long, I think about 8 hours by the end of the day to get all registered up... the second time..... it took me 4 days the first time....... I have a friend who got so frusterated he just gave up and he\'s never used Giga! He was a bit challanged technically anyway but still, it\'s too far out.)

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    Re: windows 2k registration mystery

    thanks pretty wild. indeeed it turned my retail box sayss it is v.2 but the cd is in fact 2.48 so i can install then register. perhaps someone at tascam ought to double check all of this seems like a huge waste of time.

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