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Topic: Pretty good horn soundfont

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    Pretty good horn soundfont

    Hey all,

    Perhaps they\'re old news, but I stumbled upon this page for some soundfonts. The best of the lot, to my ears, are the horns:
    Nando Florestan

    They converted just fine in GigaEditor, although the release time needs adjusting. They\'re definitely not SAM horns in either depth or breadth, but for now, they\'re my favorite until my SAM horns arrive!


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    Re: Pretty good horn soundfont

    And here´s the fixed link....

    click here

    EDIT: Ok, I just had a chance to test them. I think they´re decent, but the low recording quality bothers me (like with every soundfont). I guess they´re worth getting, though. Thanks for the link!

    *orders sam horns later this week...*


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