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Topic: Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!

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    Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!


    I just finished an orchestral piece ( w1.413.telia.com/~u41303524/The Future of the Past.mp3 ) using VSL first edition instruments only (except the piano).

    The piece is written for an imaginary film scene. I\'d appreciate any comments, e.g. which (if any) images the piece evokes, flaws in the composition/mock-up etc.



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    Re: Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!

    I would maybe add some reverb. It sounds really dry to me. And maybe just massage the midi data a little. I like to make my string notes overlap just a hair so they dont sound too choked off inbetween. I think the orchestration sounds good. Nice evolving texture. Please take my comments for what they\'re worth. I\'m no professional myself. I\'ve got a few demos on the GPO forum. If you would lend me an ear and reply I would greatly appreciate it.

    Keep at it!


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    Re: Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!

    I like the Composition..., evoque me something like \"re-meeting\" btw two lovers....,

    Talking about mix/Sounds, i think Percusions hits, are a bit Strong in relation the rest,..
    and Sorry i don´t like the General Mix, there is something that doesn´t work \"just my Opinion\",
    But the important is The Composition.....,
    i like it..


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    Re: Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!

    Chris, your songs sounds pretty good. I agree with Eric about the string parts.... (sometimes they kinda \"cut-off\" too soon) Maybe a little more legato feel in the violin parts...And a little more work on the balance between the instruments would sound nice. Overall, it\'s a very nice piece of music. Just needs a small amount of \"tweeking\" and you\'ll be all set. Good job! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!

    Hi Chris,

    Listened to your work. Nice composition! Some suggestions however - mostly in the area of programming rather than in composition (specifically the strings.)

    You might try using CC#11 to help smooth out the abruptness of the string ensemble\'s entrance and tails. That might eliminate some of the pumping accordian-like attacks and let offs that are so unforgiving on string mockups. (I deal with this myself - I have VSL too. If you can try to use the legato on the strings for it can smooth things out greatly without a lot of midi programming.)

    I\'ve heard composers who use tons to reverb to mask these defects but I believe its better to fix it in the programming first and then blend a nice hall from one of the convolution impulse reverbs. The composition\'s ambience sounds a little dry - but in a way, dry is good because it helps us hear the problems first, gives us a chance to fix them and then add reverb to taste for a smoother production.

    Again, nice composition! Keep up the good work.

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    Re: Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!

    Thanks for your comments! You seem to be rather unanimous on this one! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Glad that you liked the composition! I agree on your points regarding the strings. When it comes to VSL, I\'m not that fond of the violin legato in the Performance Set which sounds rather dull/limited to me. I use mostly the legato patches in the \"normal\" Strings box. Some MIDI overlapping, CCing and doubling with legato strings might do the trick.

    I played around with the Waves Truverb (demo version)for the first time, so I guess there is plenty of room for improvements on my part...I\'m usually a bit cautious adding lots of reverb.

    I also acknowledge the balancing issue.

    Appreciate your comments!



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    Re: Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!


    are you using the legato Performance Tools in any of the string midi tracks?

    BTW, lovely theme - depicts Native America

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Comments appreciated on new VSL piece!


    for the string parts I did not use any Performance Set instruments. For the Vln, Vla and Vlc parts I used around 10 \"normal\" instruments each. I believed that I could get better results for strings using the \"chopped of\" instruments out of the String box. Well, maybe I was wrong :-)

    I did use PS instruments for the brass and winds (and harp).

    Funny that you associate the theme with Native America. Not only did I recently write a paper about Native-american music, but about a year ago I travelled in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah and visited amazing places like Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Taos etc. I do have a fondness for Native-American music, so the influences are there...



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