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Topic: New Baroque Organ (demos with Sir)

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    New Baroque Organ (demos with Sir)

    We\'re in the final stage of making our new organ library. More info will follow.
    All 28 stops from a Dutch Marcussen&Sons organ were sampled, including the church reverb ambience upon key release. Every pipe for every stop was recorded (56 stereo samples) and looped. We also recorded many useful combinations to preserve polyphony. Every possible combination can be achieved using no more than 250 voices. Templates for use in a sequencer and midi setup are all created for easy setup. Total library size is around 4 GB.

    As a sneak preview we just made this small demo with a nice cathedral IR in the new SIR VST-plug-in.
    Bach Fantasia in C (Cathedral)
    Same Bach in small church (different registrations)

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    Re: New Baroque Organ (demos with Sir)

    Very nice sounding. Felt like I was sitting at the organ playing this! It\'s nice to hear something other than the full organ sound.

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    Re: New Baroque Organ (demos with Sir)

    Sounds great Michiel. I\'m looking forward to the release. I need a new pipe organ for a project I\'m working on.

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    Re: New Baroque Organ (demos with Sir)

    How about some baroque strings to go with the organ?

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    Re: New Baroque Organ (demos with Sir)

    That would be sweet. If anyone ever puts a baroque string lib together I\'ll be first (or maybe second) in line.


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    Re: New Baroque Organ (demos with Sir)

    Sounds good! I particularly liked the regal stop in the second demo.

    Will there be a Hauptwerk version as well?

    Are you still working on a Cavaille-Coll organ? (Didn\'t you say that you were in a post on this forum a little while back?)

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