I was surprised to see this release. Unlike the Usine perfomace vst host I had mentioned a couple of weeks back (which I honestly haven't had the chance to play around with yet) I can vouch for this one as the internals of this have been a feature of my DAW of choice for a number of years now.

Some distinguishing features:
1) very simple visual layout and connection of VST's
2) very simple visual flow of midi, audio, and automation data connections
3) simple piano roll feature (this is one new one to me, appears to be intended more as an arppegiator than to record midi performances)
4) can be used stand alone or as a plug-in to an existing DAW
5) free

I've used the original version (known as "patcher") to do things such as:
1) create nice electric guitar simulations chaining guitar vsts with various pedal, amp, and cabinet effects
2) creaded crazy mixes of layered synths
3) created custom expression controls to EWI for samplers and syths that don't allow much room for expression otherwise by chaining on extra pitch bend and low pass filters vst's.