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Topic: Running Giga off a laptop?

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    Running Giga off a laptop?

    Is running GigaSampler off a laptop (using the internal drive for samples) possible or is that out of the question altogether? Can it be run successfully if an external 7200 rpm Firewire drive is used? I\'m thinking of Giga 3.0.

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    Well, considering no one has giga 3, then no one could give a firm answer.

    But a 7200 rpm firewire drive will certainly handle streaming as well as an internal drive. The bandwidth of Firewire far exceeds the speed in which the drive can stream data.

    USB 2.0 should also be fine. But most internal laptop come stock with a 4200 rpm? drive .... 7200 is available but is a huge power drain, hence the reason they dont come stock with them. Some built to order specs do offer 7200.

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    keep in mind that modst newer laptops dont have \"true\" direct sound drivers, only emulated, and those wont work properly with GS.

    however, if you use rewire you shoudl be able to get away with it (possibly using the giga wrapper as well, so that giga will actually start up thinking theres a correct sound card)

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    I run GigaStudio on my laptop from the internal drive (5400rpm) with the Echo Indigo card ---Operating system, sequencer and sounds all on the same drive.

    I got an external USB 2 drive to run the sounds from, but it was such a hastle to carry around that I never use it. It hasn\'t made a difference.

    The ONLY issue I\'ve had, once I got it set up correctly, is not having enough memory to make me happy (I only have a meg in there.) Mind you, I had to go through the list on the nemesys website for optimizing windows XP before I got it all working well.

    Otherwise it runs perfectly smoothly without a hitch.

    Oh, I\'ve also gotten errors on boot up sometimes saying that the drivers didn\'t load properly. It may be a problem with the Echo card. Not sure. But certainly not related to the fact that it\'s a laptop.

    And I also regret only getting a 30gig drive (which is full now). I didn\'t originally plan on running anything but the operating system from the internal drive so figured 30 would be plenty.

    Oh well, live and learn.

    I think the info that says not to run Gigastudio from a laptop is well behind current technology. I mean have you looked at what they say the minimum requirements to run Gigastudio is? You can\'t even get a computer that slow if you try.

    They\'re just being safe and covering their butts. (Which is never a bad idea, eh?)

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    > \"Oh, I\'ve also gotten errors on boot up sometimes saying that the drivers didn\'t load properly.\"

    Make sure that you\'ve waited long enough after boot/login before starting Giga. It can take a while before the drivers are 100% on line in XP and W2k.

    Have you ever waited a long time after boot and login and still had the problem? It\'s possible that there\'s some other issue.

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    I use to have that problem also, but it was cured when i upgraded to v2.54

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    here\'s an internal 7200rpm drive for apple powerbook, 9.5 ms seek time, 60GB, $250


    if you\'re doing PC, i\'d think there is one out there as well. This might help a lot.

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    Originally posted by Marty:

    if you\'re doing PC, i\'d think there is one out there as well.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Travelstar 7K60. A fantastic 7200rpm HD that\'s very quiet.

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    For a long time I thought that a laptop would be the \"ideal\" gig computer, but then I went on the road with one.

    It\'s not. A rackmount system is SO much better.

    You can put multiple drives in it. You can buy a nice, small LCD monitor and have it anywhere you like. You can velcro a keyboard and mouse to your rig.

    With a laptop, you\'ve got so much more risk of damage, drops, etc., and the cabling, interfaces, etc., are infinitely more spindly and problematic. A rackmount rig is no harder to carry than a power amp. I described my rig very precisely in another thread somewhere. The very best thing is that with a rackmount rig, you get more computer, with better performance, with way more storage--for WAY less money, and you will still have money left over to get a nice Layla 24, etc., for your interface.

    This is REALLY a big bonus working live with a computer. Having multi in-out allows you to run a few soft-synths with Giga, to have mic inputs running into the upcoming Giga 3 for FX, etc. I do this onstage with Reaktor now...my performance ensembles have mic inputs, loopers, vocoder channels, etc...all running through the Layla, and all pre-wired in the rack.

    All I do when I set up is put the rack computer on the floor, put the mixer/layla rack on top, pull the power/layla cables out of the top rack and screw them onto the computer, hook up the keyboard, mouse, monitor, mic, and MIDI cables, and I am up and running.

    It\'s faster than a laptop, believe it or not. I\'ve done both. Dollar for dollar, and on the actual test of the stage, it\'s a better answer.

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    Re: Running Giga off a laptop?

    Someone here is running GigaStudio 3 on a laptop, using an Echo card and FireWire drives. It works very well and gets good polyphony. I agree that a rackmount PC would be my choice between the two, but a laptop system is doable.

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