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Topic: What is the Best Brass Library?

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    What is the Best Brass Library?

    Hi, anybody heard or used the new Ilio brass 10 cd library? Or know of any really big sounding brass libraries available?
    Thanks 4 Feedbak
    David -LONDON

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    Re: What is the Best Brass Library?

    Could someone please post a link to this library?


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    Re: What is the Best Brass Library?


    Familiar. This library has been around for a while, hasn\'t it? But thanks for the reminder.

    Pianos, brass and organs seem to be everywhere right now.


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    Re: What is the Best Brass Library?


    I am new user of the Hunter series. What everyone says here is true, in my opinion. In the end, it is what YOU like.

    For an orchestral sound, the trumpets (which I am working with first) are really quite nice. However, if you are looking for a Big Band \"jazzy trumpet\" sound, then perhaps this is not what you want. The problem, however, is WHERE to go for THAT type of trumpet sound?!

    With that said, after pawing my way through all kinds of trumpet instruments in the Hunter library, I did find a trumpet instrument that will serve me fairly well for the Big Band \"jazzy trumpet\" sound. You will not, however, find any \"screamer\" trumpets in this selection.

    That\'s my two cents. In short, I like the Hunter collection, but it doesn\'t give me all that I was hoping for. If you or anyone else reading this knows of a \"Big Band\" trumpet sound sample library (you know what I mean), PLEASE let me know.

    Best of luck,

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    Re: What is the Best Brass Library?

    check out the new Project Sam samples...they got a great varieties of sounds.

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    Re: What is the Best Brass Library?

    > \"The problem, however, is WHERE to go for THAT type of trumpet sound?!\"

    QL Brass.

    It even has a patch called \"TP screamerHIGHFXMOD\".

    In addition to the rest of the brass section, it includes a full compliment of saxes. Add drums, bass, piano, guitar and vibes and you\'ve got a complete big band at your fingertips.

    The performances are amazing, the recording is superb, and the articulations are right in line with the genre. It\'s great for pop, bigband, salsa and a variety of jazz styles.

    Drawbacks? It doesn\'t have many velocity layers - generally only one or two - but I haven\'t found this to be limiting. And of course no lib has all of the articulations and variety to play every nuance in a Dizzy or Bird solo.

    For now, this library holds the uncontested Brass crown of the King of Swing.

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