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Topic: update - 30 september-v4.0

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    Re: update - 30 september-v4.0


    sounds ok, thus far ... although, there is a bad sample ...

    the F1+ (f#1-g#1) range when played at full forte, sounds like it is extremely pitchshifted (lower) ....

    thought u may want to know. anyone else experience this? hell, anyone else download this?


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    Re: update - 30 september-v4.0


    Thanks for your comment !

    Yes is a velocity bug at f#1,
    .art fix that : new version 4.0 !
    (30 september 2002)

    press F5 to refresh.



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    Re: update - 30 september-v4.0

    Olivier, there also is (or was, haven\'t tried the update) a metallic sound on the B and Bb directly below middle Con all the mf and louder samples.

    But it\'s a cool piano. Thanks.


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    Re: update - 30 september-v4.0



    i will try in the next update to change this key !!

    the 2.2a is darker. with 8 velocity layers !

    I search to sample another free Piano, with
    (30*16 samples) 8 up and 8 down.

    (a 2 meter grand Hoffman Piano (Bechstein compagny)

    Just wait one year !


    Bodensorfer build Computer midi grand 290. With such Piano it\'s easy to record a lot of velocity with a perfect egality !

    i search to find such Piano (lot expensive !!!)

    (and Search \'Computerflugel\' !)

    Fr. Gulda (Great pianist have played (Salzburg) with a computed Bosendorfer 90)

    A Grand Yamaha with Diskclavier system (midi) is easy to sample, too !!!



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    update - 30 september-v4.0


    Realprosounds is updated :

    Press F5 (refresh button) in your browser

    _ new version of free Schimmel (4.0)
    _ . art patch version 4 for the Steinway B.

    I actually record the first mvt of the Monnlight sonata (Played by be) :

    i\'ve recorded in live with Gigastudio and played with my Mp9000 Keyboard :

    _ with the Steinway B patched



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    Re: update - 30 september-v4.0


    I am having trouble downloading your patch files and updates. The main gig and soundfont download just fine, but I can\'t get any of the other files.

    -- Martin

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    Re: update - 30 september-v4.0


    it\'s not easy to upload such big files !!!

    the link and server are updated !
    (server1 and 2)

    remove your Internet Temporary files.

    Press F5 to refresh IE6.

    Use IE5.5 or IE6 to download the files (save target as...)

    it should work now


    Good luck !


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