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Topic: Alan's New GPO Skin #1

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    Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1

    I call it #1 because I plan on posting a couple over the next week or so...

    Make sure to play with the faders and knobs!


    Let\'s truely make this OUR orchestra... throw your ideas at me, in this thread, or through e-mail and we will ALL build this for ourselves.

    Here\'s your chance to truely have your own orchestra, your composition, your look, your feel!


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    Re: Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1


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    Re: Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1

    Is this for real?!?

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    Re: Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1

    Originally posted by esperlad:
    Is this for real?!?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">It\'s something I\'m working on... if you guys, NI and Gary are happy with them... maybe?

    Enjoy the faders esperlad? I know you were asking for them...

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    Re: Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1

    Ummm, but this is just a Flash page ?!@?#!@?$

    It would be tons of work for NI to implement such a thing, faders are more than a Flash widget ;-)

    Looks great! But i hope NI focuses all their energy on the DFD engine, not cute-sy interfaces.

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    Re: Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1

    I generally don\'t like \"physical metaphors\" in user interface design - they are often just too clumsy to operate and they bypass quicker ways (e.g. keyboard control) for operating the software.

    Good example: try to operate Windows Media Player from the keyboard [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] All fancy graphics, but no adherence to the Windows GUI standard...

    Sorry Alan, but I think this makes absolutely NO sense at all for making music and it only distracts. An interface without graphics and 3D effects will probably take up 20-50 % of this version.

    For me this is a very important reason NOT to buy Romplers like GPO and EWQLSO.

    I really hope that GS3 will have a more \"grown up\" user interface than versions 2.x. If GS3 won\'t, then I am sure LinuxSampler will have yet another opportunity for scoring in the usability category.

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    Re: Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1

    Originally posted by PeterRoos:

    I really hope that GS3...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Please no GS3 crap in here...

    I agree with you usually about the \"physical\" looking GUI\'s on software that you need to continuously be making changes to...

    However, there were requests for faders and once I have a setting set in GPO I usually don\'t mess with it too much, I mess with Cubase. So, balancing making this both look nice and tweakable was my main goal.

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    Re: Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1

    Originally posted by Alan Lastufka:
    Please no GS3 crap in here...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">OK, let\'s have some GPO interface crap then

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    Re: Alan\'s New GPO Skin #1

    I think the skin is great, maybe the faders are a bit too huge to me... anyway, as it has been mentioned, I\'d only use it if it does not suppose a higher use of ram or cpu, but the fader and panning seemed like a great idea, maybe a more conventional approach with just adding very conventional faders and panning could do...


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