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Topic: Check out this new DivaX demo

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    Check out this new DivaX demo

    This was posted in another thread but that thread has now gotten to the point where it distracts from what a very cool demo this is for a very cool library. I\'ve put my money where my mouth is - BelaDMedia already has my money for DivaX.

    Forget about the rants in the other thread and just check this out. It fills a nice hole that is probably in just about everyone\'s kit.

    Track: Dream Mystic
    Composed By: Francis Belardino
    Sample Library: DIVA Extended and Bela D Bass


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    Re: Check out this new DivaX demo

    Thanks eegee,

    I am a big fan of Frank\'s work, as a library developer, engineer, and musician. To top it off, he\'s a class act. I\'m looking forward to DIVAX making its way into professional productions around the globe, and seeing his entire line of products gain the high reputation they deserve.

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    Re: Check out this new DivaX demo

    Frank, I do enjoy the demo (as you know from your forum...)

    Any update on the Kontakt version of DIVA X, I can\'t wait to get my hands on her [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ?

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