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Topic: Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight

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    Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight

    I was listening to John Grant\'s great rendition of Beethoven\'s \"Moonlight\" Sonata mvmt 1 on the PMI Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 . It made me curious about how the Malmsjö Acoustic Grand would fare in this delicate piece. Below is a link to the .mp3 I made. I also include a link to the PMI Grandioso recording, as well as a link to a Bardstown Imperial Bosendorfer 290 recording (that Kip posted just a moment ago) for comparison.

    Malmsjö Acoustic Grand:

    PMI Grandioso Bosendorfer 290:
    http://members.lycos.nl/postpiano/Moonlight/John%20Grant%20Moonlight%20Wet%2016%20l ayer.mp3

    Bardstown Imperial Bosendorfer 290:

    Added Sept. 28
    Olivier Bergman\'s Schimmel:

    It is like comparing apples with oranges, and shows really how different recorded pianos can sound. I hope you\'ll enjoy it.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight

    Yes, Hans, I agree. I should say, though, that all you are hearing in the case of the PMI is the piano. Michiel and I realized that the tempo indications in the midi file got garbled in the translation from Cakewalk to Logic. The Moonlight you are hearing, as a result, is pretty odd. Still the piano sample is there (thankfully). The same midi version, but at 128 kps, is at my mp3.com site, without the tempi anomolies.


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    Re: Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight

    Michiel\'s fixed the problem with the PMI Moonlight! That\'s more like it!

    I think it\'s hard to compare the SAME midi file across different samples. In this case Kip, Hans, and Michiel have come up with their own Moonlights, ie., the Moonlights that they feel do justice to thier paricular sampled pianos. That\'s the way it should be.

    A midi file that sounds great on one piano sample can sound rotten on another equally good sample. It\'s just that the samples are set up differently (different splits, etc.) (I do kinda wish my Moonlight had been better, though! I\'m going to work on it.)


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    Re: Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight

    That\'s d...m good, Olivier; better than mine for sure. A bit like Radu Lupu\'s interpretation. I much prefer your tempo to mine. And that Steinway.... the eight layer one, I mean, you\'ve set it up beautifully. Sounds great. The only time I begin to quibble with the sample is at the louder section. Seems to get just a bit \"tinny,\" which is an old complaint with that venerable sample. Of course, I still LOVE that pmi BOS. You\'ve given me something to shoot at.


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    Re: Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight

    Hi John,

    Thanks !

    i work on a patch V4.0 for the Steinway B.

    I search new presets.

    And when it will be ready, i will send demo\'s of the new patched Steinway B !

    I would be happy to test the other\'s great Piano :

    the Post Bosendorfer
    and Kip\'s Bosendorfer.

    I wait 5 or 6 months to buy it !!!!



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    Re: Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight

    Hi Hans,
    I really like the sound of your piano! It is a special sound that fits this piece very well.

    Please disregard the above link to the PMI GRANDIOSO Bosendorfer Moonlight. As John just explains there were big problems with the original file.
    We seem to have solved the problem in the original Mp3 rendering regarding the tempo of very the beautiful version John Grant made of Beethoven Beethoven PS.14 Op. 27 Moonlight Serenade using the new GRANDIOSO Bosendorfer 290. It turned out that Logic is not able to translate the Cakewalk tempo changes correct.
    The old MP3 (where John\'s performance was badly tempi altered) has been removed and the new MP3 has been uploaded:

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight


    send midi the midi file, i will record the Steinway B and the Steinway B with the 8 velocity patch !

    to compare !

    Yes, the malmsjo sound fine with the Moonlight sonata.




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    Re: Grandioso, Malmsjö and Some Moonlight

    Thanks Michiel,

    I have updated the link to PMI, and now also included a link to Olivier\'s Schimmel sample.

    Maybe there are others who could contribute? We could have a virtual Moonlight Sonata Festival!


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