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Topic: Muted Trumpets

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    Muted Trumpets

    What libraries have harmon muted trumpets? I\'ve got all the big ones VSL and QLSO but if I\'m not mistaken I don\'t see any muted trumpets. I\'ve got Kirk Hunter Brass but they don\'t sit so well in the mix with these other libraries. For a collective price of $8000 (Vsl and QLSO) you might think they\'d have them since they are a major part of televison and film orchestration. Any updates planned?
    John Angier

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    SAM Trumpets have the best harmon trumpets out there. Listen to Craig\'s demo at projectsam.com, they make nice use of the mutes.

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    Thanks Aaron,
    That\'s the only one I don\'t have at the moment. I\'ve got SAMS bones and Horns, not the trumpets yet. You\'d think the QLSO and VSL would have included some though.
    Anyone have any thoughts on the Kirk Hunter Brass?

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    VSL has plans for the muted brass. They will be released as part of the symphonic cube.

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    Garritan Personal Orchestra has straight mutes for solo trumpet, F horn, and trombone.

    Gary also has stated that he plans to release jazz expansion to their library, which may include more options. I\'m not familiar with the details, but you may be able to get more info as he gets closer to release.

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    Sams are very nice. Haven\'t heard the GPO or Hunter ones.

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    I have the Hunter Brass, and the mutes are one of the weakpoints of the library I\'m afraid. They sound very \'mariachi\' 1930\'s radio-ish. Check out the 2 jazzy/orchestral SAM demos. They both make use of the mutes enough to give you an idea

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