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Topic: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

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    Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    Here\'s a quick beginning to a piece I did using the solo horns to created 3 part harmonies. Comments welcome.

    ( www.aaronsapp.com/Finding.mp3 )

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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    Nice asap!

    It must be great to be 17 and have all these wodnerful tools!! i mean it\'s great at 31...but I wish I had this sequencer/software sampler set-up when I was younger.

    I knew I could write music...but pen to paper ain\'t my talent...it took forever to write out parts...I\'ve got the attention span of a gnat...well let\'s just say the sequencer helps as my secretary.

    again, nice job!!

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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    Pen and Paper is the ultimate medium in my opinion. I write SO much faster and can get more detailed with the music since you don\'t have to worry about samples. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Thanks for listening, the solo horns are pretty nice actually.

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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    A_Sapp, you are 17! Damn man, Im 18 and Im annoyed that you are better than me.... what do you have to say for yourself... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] Please tell me you have had musical training...


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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    Hey Aaron, nice piece. Did you write that to picture?

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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    Hahah, thanks for the flatterin\' comments. I\'ve had no training at all during my lifetime. All I\'ve had is a piano and my own brain to figure it out. Butttt... when I was 8 years old, I got taught the basics of piano. Sadly I quit less than a year later, and ever since than I\'ve self-taught myself everything I know! Thanks for the kind comments. My website is being designed by MrArkadine at the moment and will be done soon so I can showcase all my works, so stay tuned! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Oh, and Chadwick, it was not to picture. It started from a single piano chord motif in the beginning. Just imagine someone opening something deeply magical. Hehe.

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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    Nice piece, Aaron!

    I´m 17 (soon 18) as well and I can´t even read music... nor would I want to. There are not many young people who can do amazing stuff at their age, and sometimes it seems like pretty much all of them are posting in this forum :-)

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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...


    I am just starting to read music and I frankly suck at it. Its got way too much maths for me to handle :-). Learning to read notes and then play them is also quite difficult but I am much better at that than I am at working out time signatures and working out how many semi quavers I\'m allowed in a bar - eek.

    However I think that in the end it will be beneficial to at least know the basics. After all, I don\'t know anyone of the composers I idolise that hasn\'t studied music. I think my music will benefit greatly studying traditional scoring techniques. Bill Brown said, \"you have to learn the rules, so you can break them\", and that\'s the way I like to think about it.


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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    Btw A_Sapp, I am interested in what job you have if you dont mind me asking? You must work like a crazy man to afford all these samples. I know I have to. Do you have Gigastudio 160 as well? I can only afford gigastudio 96 at the moment. Thimg that annoys me about Gigastudio 96 is that when I had gigasampler 64 you were allowed to layer 4 instruments on top of each other... so I upgrade and now im only allowed to layer 2... what up with that logic? Anyway...

    Im very glad that QL Brass\' price has dropped I just wish Time&Space would realise and lower their price.


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    Re: Solo SAM Horn Demo...

    Well, I worked as a waiter and earned some real good money. Also, I have generous parents who contribute as well. It\'s either this or a car, and to me a car would be a stupid investment seeing that I truly absolutely do not NEED a car. Even at college I\'m sure I won\'t REALLY need one seeing that there are public transits and means of transportation. But obviously if money was no object, I\'d take a car as well. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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