Posted this in another thread but I thought it might be of interest to everyone. It\'s a rackmount VST/VSTi box.

The Muse Receptor:

This would be better than a laptop cos it\'s rackmountable, more solid, has a custom linux based OS (you know it wont give you the BSoD in the middle of a gig), and it has the knobs on the front for tweaking much like a sampler.

Don\'t know if it will run GS 3.0 with Max\'s wrapper, and it is only in testing phase and not due out until March but I\'m hoping it will.

Specs and upgrade options aren\'t set yet, but I have been in contact with them if you want more details.

Ben H

P.S. Oh yeah, NI and fxpansion are on board as developers. Maybe QLSO and GPO will run on it!.