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Topic: White Grand + Kompakt + Mac?

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    White Grand + Kompakt + Mac?

    Hi, I\'m wondering if the White Grand sample library will work with NI Kompakt on a Mac running OS X. Right now I\'m using the Bardstown Bosendorfer in that scenario, and it works well. Would there be any limitations? The Sampletekk page has some system requirements, but for PCs and regarding Gigastudio. It says something about needing to use all four ports, I\'m not even sure what that means. Has anyone tested it on a Mac with Kontakt or Kompakt and have comments? I\'m not even sure Kompakt will support the number of layers this thing has.

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    Re: White Grand + Kompakt + Mac?


    The 4 port thing applies only to Gigastudio users and have to do with the way and limitations gig-files are made.
    Kontakt in it\'s present version CAN have some problems with performance on a Mac, but I\'ve talked to representatives from Native, and they are working on this, and the next version will be much improved when it comes to Mac performance.

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