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Topic: Funny Valentine

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    Funny Valentine

    I thought this might be appropriate. Here's an arrangement of My Funny Valentine I wrote using the Spitfire libraries.

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    Re: Funny Valentine

    Very cleverly and brilliantly done. Loved your ease of your handling that melody, old, and now, new.


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    Re: Funny Valentine

    I enjoyed your rendition of this classic song. Nice harmonies and counterpoint movements. Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: Funny Valentine

    It's a rare treat to hear some music from you, Jeff, so thanks!

    It's a very lovely, if rather tragic sounding arrangement, and I enjoyed it. The Spitfire instruments sure sound nice in this.


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    Re: Funny Valentine

    This sounds as the beginning of a great symphony. Really nicely done.


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    Red face Re: Funny Valentine

    yeah, the title can be misleading for people like me not aware of the original tune ah ah...

    such a sumptuous rendition...

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    Re: Funny Valentine

    Hi Jeff,

    What a nice Valentine (although I hate that consumer's annual mischief overcharged with red hearts and sweets to make one forget that he has forgotten his beloved one during the rest of the year...

    Back to the music. A very beautiful arrangement with more than decent strings. Although it's rather short, you know how to surprise with smart turns in the orchestration. Great job!


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