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Topic: Specific choir library needed

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    Specific choir library needed

    I need a library that will allow me to create the women\'s choir sound like in \"Edward Scissorhands\". I know Voices of the Apocalypse is the latest gtreatest thing, but all of the demos I heard are too \"techno pop\". Does anyone have one in a setting like what I\'m looking for? What about Symphony of Voices?

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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    It\'s not a women\'s choir, it\'s a boys choir. There are a few boys choir samples out there.

    Not sure if Voices of the Apocalypse has a boys choir, but Symphony of Voices has one that\'s pretty good. (though the rest of the collection is a bit disappointing)

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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    You though the rest of SOV was disappointing? The only sounds I felt were missing was a London or Gregorian version of the \"AHHEOOO\" and \"Agus Dei\" (spell?) that would have been cool. But I use the other sounds a lot. The London Choirs are so very cool, and extremely beautiful. You really get what you hear on the demos. Listen to the stuff you hear from people that have used it in films, I found it all there! I think the collection is beautiful. I didn\'t think anyone could find SOV disappointing.

    I think the female parts from the London Choir used with the Boys choir sound most like Edward Scissorhands. Of course it will be hard to re- create the way the singers in Edward Scissorhands are... singing... kind of live like... know what I mean?


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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    Hey Tim, here\'s a piece I did using the choir. Near the end the Womans choir is definetely notable mixed with the trumpets and cymbal crash. Does this sound too pop-ish? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    ( www.aaronsapp.com/The_Pursuit.mp3 )

    The link now works. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    the link doesnt work!

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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    Worked for me. Make sure to paste the entire thing like he said.

    And Aaron, you might want to either start using _ in the file name (as in \"The_Pursuit.mp3\") when you upload, or at least replace spaces with %20 when you give out the link, like www.aaronsapp.com/The%20Pursuit.mp3

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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    No still doesnt work, and i tried lotsa combinations... oh well.

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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    SOV, without question is still the best Boy\'s choir out there - BUT it will not give you the \'movement\' I think you are looking for (ala Elfman). What we need is for Nick to forget his life and get us a VOTA - Boy\'s Choir edition.


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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    Just FYI, Danny Elfman uses the SOV Boys Choir a lot (real ones too of course).

    However, the boys choir in the Good Will Hunting score is all SOV....the samples beat the real choir, so they used only the samples.


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    Re: Specific choir library needed

    Hey Timzy,

    If you\'re interested in hearing the Boys Oos p from SoV, check out this piece I did last year called \"Lateness of the Hour\". It\'s very Elfmanish at :41 secs.


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