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Topic: Running SX and Giga on one Laptop?

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    Running SX and Giga on one Laptop?

    (sorry I am posting this on this forum - I did not get a response over in Hardware.)

    Are any of you set-up to take your Sequencers (mine is SX) and Gigas on the road. I have a seperate Giga and SX computer in my studio but I want to be able to get some work done on the road. Here are my specific questions:

    1. Can you run both applications on one laptop (is there a provider of such a system)?

    2. What limits exist running such a system (Polyphony in Giga - audio tracks in SX)?

    3. When I am back in my studio I would want to use this \'laptop\' as my \'second\' giga computer - any issues there?

    4. What other equipment would I need to make this work on the road (mini midi keyboard, firewire and hard drive for Audio/giga library, etc.)

    5. How would I monitor in this set-up.

    6. Will I need a second license for Giga? For SX? What about the SX dongle (if I don\'t need a second license, can I use the one I currently have in the studio?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can be.


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    Re: Running SX and Giga on one Laptop?

    Go to soundcchaser and look at their portable music DAWs.

    They have a laptop and a Lunchbox model. Just see wht they do and copy it.


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    Re: Running SX and Giga on one Laptop?

    I just bought a Dell Inspiron 8200 P4 1.7 laptop to run SX and Giga, through a RME Multiface. My goal was to have VST instruments(B4 and EVP 73)
    layered with Steinway B and Seyer\'s upright Bass.

    Well, either or, but not both-spit and sputter, until raising latency too high to play, so I sent
    the computer back to Dell and will opt for a small
    desktop miniPC(Shuttle SS51)and convert gigs to
    Halion. The Shuttle is portable-8x7x11, has one
    PCI slot and will handle a 2.8 P4 @533mhz,for almost a grand less than the Dell with expanded
    ram and firewire external drive.

    I called Soundchaser first, many, many,times, and
    got no answer. I\'m using one of their DAWS right
    now. Maybe you\'ll have better luck with just GS and the SX sequencer. Good Luck!

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    Re: Running SX and Giga on one Laptop?

    Thanks, gentlemen. It doesn\'t sound like a straight and easy path to obtaining a truly mobile set-up.


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    Re: Running SX and Giga on one Laptop?


    I definitely would be interested in the Shuttle-Giga performance/adventure.

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    Re: Running SX and Giga on one Laptop?


    That link describes soundchaser\'s LapDAW.

    That\'s a start for details.

    If it wasn\'t 75% or more dependable than they wouldn\'t put it up on their website.

    I mean I critical of this company but I have to admit my Soundchaser DAW serves me most of the time.

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