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Topic: The Dregs: a solo guitar piece

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    The Dregs: a solo guitar piece

    This short piece features the Vienna Concert guitar. The piece accompanied a very short film that spoofed on my friend\'s wine. (Needless to say, you will never see the film on television.)


    Let me know what you think.



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    Re: The Dregs: a solo guitar piece

    Very nice composition and a nice sound.

    I have two (hopefully constructive) comments:

    First, some of the notes - especially in the opening phrase - have small intervals, yet they are not damped. It makes it sound more like a harp than a guitar, which would have to play many of the notes on a single string. Even when a melody branches from string to string, the previous note is usually damped, in order to give a consistent progression - the idea being that the melody should come first, and should not draw attention to the mechanics of which string you are playing.

    It\'s possible that the ringing of the notes is due to the reverb, rather than the sequence. If so, turn down the reverb. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    The other comment is in regards to the coposition itself. It feels like it\'s written for guitarists who lack a thumb on the strumming hand! You could easily add some bass notes here and there to give a more complete feel. Just a few would do, so you could stay true to your original idea, yet make the composition feel more like it was written for guitar.

    Very nice work. The melodies are quick and interesting - just the way I like them! And the strums sound absolutely great!

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    Re: The Dregs: a solo guitar piece


    Thanks for your most astute observations. I\'ll work on the piece some more.

    Thanks for listening and for your comments.


    P.S. I\'ll give it some more thumb.

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    Re: The Dregs: a solo guitar piece

    Thumbs up! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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