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    For those of you unaware or who are either not running AV software or have failed to keep it up to date, there is a new virus called NOVARG which was discovered on 26/01/04.

    Also masquerading as the \"MYDOOM\" or similar titles, this one is really very nasty indeed. It is the fastest spreading and most damaging virus in the history of computing !

    Last years Lovesan and Blaster viruses were a mere minor gnat bite compared to this one and they were easy to eradicate.

    Already it has caused over 1 BILLION dollars worth of damage to companies world wide and several have ceased to exist as a result !!!

    Either on the 1st. or 4th. of February (I can\'t remember), this virus will make its main move. If you haven\'t got up to date AV protection, it will literally wreck your computer by making it inaccessible to you for good whilst at the same time, allowing all your banking, credit card or other personal details etc.to be accessed.

    You will not notice that it has arrived until it starts doing its damage. It is a deeply buried worm. NAV or similar will stop it.

    Such bad news is this bug that one UK business which has been ruined as a result has offered £150K bounty on anyone who will give him the name of the instigator.

    I have had something like 60 emails in the last 3 days which had the virus but am well protected Deo gratias.


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    Even though it\'s offtopic..... I just had it twice.... on the day of notice...and today (surprisingly).

    just a plain worm like everything else...

    ...never touch an unkown attachment [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I never get virii [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] ... just spam.

    However, this is Offtopic after all [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    I never worry about viruses. Why? I regularly scan my machine, I never open an attachment I\'m not absolutely certain is clean, I scan all exe\'s that I download and, the one time I actually did wind up with a worm on my machine, I was immediately notified by my anti-virus app and killed it.

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    Does this affect only pcs, or macs also?


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    I would hardly consider this to be \"off topic\" when the possibilities are that it will allow anyone to access your sound libraries, original musical works, your own sound developments etc.

    Let\'s face it, those of us who are sensible will be well enough protected but would the likes of \"I\'m fireproof against any virus Jones\" be happy to find that his hard work has gone down the lavatory or worse still that \"Mr I don\'t care 2 X *****\" suddenly has his bonafide library swiped through an open port and then sold on Ebay for 10 cents.

    Believe you me, I have absolutely no reason apart from courtesy to bring this to peoples attention. But several of the e-mails I received were from known friends and customers unaware of the fact that they had been infected - it has yet do do its damage.

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    Choco, I think virus\'s have been able to send mail from a friend for quite awhile. The virus looks for their address book and starts mailing. Don\'t trust ANY attachments unless you\'ve cleared them first.

    And with this latest virus, watch out for those emails saying your email didn\'t go through. I got one of those the other day and it was clearly a fake.

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    I posted a warning about this in the Off Topic section about 5 days ago....

    Just goesto show that hardly anyone reads there. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    The easiest way to not get this (or any virus)regardless if you have an anti-virus program or not is to just not open any file attachments in email programs. Even if the attachment comes into your computer with an email....you have to actually open and double click on the attachment to execute the install of the virus for it to infect your computer. If you put it in the trash and delete....nothing will ever happen. So any attachments you are not expecting....just say \"no\" and delete. (especially if it looks like \"whatever.exe\"....or better yet \"click_here.jpg.pif.exe\".....or whatever).

    To find out if a computer is infected, do the following:

    1. Click Start, and then click Search.
    2. In the What do you want to search for? box, click All files and folders.
    3. Then, in the All or part of the file name box, type:
    If that file exists on the computer, the computer is infected with Mydoom.A, and you need to contact your antivirus vendor.

    4. In the All or part of the file name box, type:
    (see Figure 1). If that file exists on the computer, the computer is infected with Mydoom.B, and you need to follow the steps below.

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    Well, I just resurrected from the ashes here.

    Last Monday night, I accidentally opened an email attachment (the one that says the email that I sent cannot be delivered, etc.). In less than a minute, Mr. McAfee of Viruscan started reporting about Outlook Express trying to send more than 20 emails in less than thirty seconds. It\'s good that I had the option not to send the emails. If ever, I might have sent 20 at the most. The Viruscan reports didn\'t stop so I had to do a complete computer scan.

    To my horror, I got MyDoom and it has corrupted several system files, including some from Gigastudio which was at work at that time too. Of course, all these infected files had to be cleaned, or probably deleted by Viruscan. After rebooting, Giga no longer worked even if I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It just kept referring to this shimgapi.dll file for some reason. Eventually, the taskbar also stopped working and everything was hanging, probably due to the lost system files.

    I had two choices: recover the deleted files or do a complete XP reinstallation. I opted for the second choice primarily because it was the safer way to go. Thank God, I did a complete music document back-up two days earlier.

    So the whole of Tuesday was spent reformatting the hard drives, installing software from WinXP to plug-ins. I even had a little problem with Kontakt because I have used up both of my registration codes. I also had to recover old receipts of software purchases to look for download codes, more registration codes and activation codes and passwords. It was good I had all of them in writing - only that some were in the closet, the others in one of the kitchen drawers, the piano bench, under the bed...

    Wednesday was dedicated to updating all the software, and in between waiting for the downloads and restarting Windows all the time, I ended up calling Tascam support for a GS160 upgrade from GS96 - probably due to tension and boredom attacking me at the same time. The new toy arrived Friday morning but up to now, I\'m still waiting for my new registration code. Well... that\'s Giga... (uhum....) No pain, no gain. Patience is a virtue.

    Well, it was a saga battling with MyDoom Shimgapi Virus, aggravated by (but thanks to) the meddlings of Mr. McAfee ...but now finding out that I only have to pay $50 for an upgrade to GS3 come April, I guess something good came out of it!

    Only I never want it to happen again!

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    Hi everyone,
    by now people should have learned to not open attachments from unknown source, the problem is that the wurms (by the way, it\'s a wurm, not a virus) today can use security holes in MS Outlook or Internet Explorer to start themselfs without the user doing anything. Here are a few tips what to do to secure your system:

    1) If possible use different computers for important work (your gigasystem,...) and email/office stuff that are not connected (through a network) to each other. Software company Valve had their sourcecode for Half Life 2 stolen a while ago, because an intruder got in through a security hole in outlook on a secondary computer.
    2) If you have to use the same computer for both areas or have them all rigged to one network, use a different Operating System for the internet computers. Most worms today are targeted at Windows/Outlook because this has the largest chance of success. There are virtually no viruses/wurms for Linux and there are complete office packages and internet software for free. As far as I know macs are also much less compromised than Windows systems.
    3) If you have to use windows, update and backup your system regulary (once a week or at the end of each workday, depending how important your work is). Consider using a mail client and browser different than outlook... for example mozilla (www.mozilla.org) is completely free...
    4) Use anti-virus programms...

    Hope that helps


    P.S.: Ain\'t it funny that a medium which was supposed to send stupid text files has become such a large problem?

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