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Topic: Legend of Erthia - Combat Themes 1 and 2

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    Legend of Erthia - Combat Themes 1 and 2

    Combat Theme 2:

    Combat Theme 1:

    Hey guys! I haven't been around much for the past little while. I have been busy working on LOE and playing Might and Magic X. Anyways, I am back and sharing some of my LOE compositions. These are two of the combat themes for the game. Some may have heard the earlier versions of these, but this is their remakes.

    Combat Theme 1 is still WIP in regards to the full compositions and dynamics and Combat Theme 2 is pretty much complete, but I just have to work on the dynamics. These pieces are meant to be looped like video game music.

    *Combat Theme 2 video has some concept art for some of the main characters of Erthia.

    Libraries Used:
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Vienna Appassionata Strings SE
    - Vienna Soprano Choir
    - The Soprano (Soundiron)
    - Olympus Choir Elements (Soundiron)



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    Cool Re: Legend of Erthia - Combat Themes 1 and 2

    The improvement in sound management, and overall cinematic effects is great Richard. Well done.

    I think at this stage you should study a bit of counterpoint to have fun and enlarge your composition palette: did you ever approach the concept of polyphonic writing?

    In case you didn't, I reccommend it, but what's really important is doing it in an open way, without any academic fear for the "seriousness" of discipline and past masters, but just capturing the essence of counter melodies and imitations writing and the basics of voicing.

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