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Topic: Recording: mic setup suggestions

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    Recording: mic setup suggestions

    I\'m going to be doing a live recording of a small group playing on period instruments in a church. I\'m wondering how I should mic the concert. I have a Rode NT3 which has served me well for mono recordings of instruments. Since this is a larger group, I was thinking of adding an additional NT3 for stereo, but I\'m not sure where I should place the mics without being intrusive. I may add other mics in future recordings, but right now I\'m thinking of just using these two. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Recording: mic setup suggestions

    I would probably find a spot in the room where it sounds good and place the mikes there. You could experiment a bit with the distance between the mikes. Beginning with having them quite close, and if you want to get a broader stereo image, move them apart. A good rule is to keep the distance between the mikes shorter then the distance to the source, to avoid phasing problems. If thers an audience, I would try to keep the mikes away from the audience to avoid to much \"crowdnoice\"

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    Re: Recording: mic setup suggestions

    Hi Tim,

    As usual the answer is it depends. Since you mention a small ensemble playing period instruments Here\'s what I would suggest. I\'ve used figure 8 polar patterns well. Put them on a single stand about 8 inches apart (they make a bar just for this) and aim them either crisscross or about 90 degrees apart. In positioning the mike stand, move back and forth and listen for a nice balance of direct sound and room (usually about 10 to 15 feet back from the group). However you really should experiment if time allows to pick the mic position that best suits the music. Good luck.

    aka Ettienne

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