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Topic: Rainstick Gig

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    Rainstick Gig

    Anyone know where I can find a good rainstick GIG?

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    Re: Rainstick Gig

    Can\'t think of any free rainstick gigs, but \"Ethno World\" has some nice ones.

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    Re: Rainstick Gig


    It\'s not a .gig, but I have some recordings of a rainstick that you could make into one. Send me an email at home (mschiff@*NOSPAM*cdsol.com) and I will try and find them. (remove the *NOSPAM* from my address)

    If you want to hear what they sound like, listen to the song \"Canyon Journey\" on my mp3 site.


    -- Martin

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    Re: Rainstick Gig

    There is a rain stick in Digital Complete\'s Exotic Percussion Vol. 1.

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    Re: Rainstick Gig

    Its probably too expensive if all you want is the rainstick, but Heart of Africa (spectrasonics) has a really really great sounding rainstick, with about 10 different played sounding patches. Really ambient, like... rain! lol


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    Re: Rainstick Gig

    Or you could just buy the real thing, mike it and record it the way you really want it!

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