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Topic: The Sneak

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    The Sneak

    The Sneak

    I did not set out to write this free fantasy on a peppy little folk tune. But I lodged in my brain and would not go away until I finished it, and it still demands my attention now and then. It is amazing to me how much time and effort such a simple little project like this requires, even though it was so clear in my mind!

    The mp3 uses GPO organ. The Scorch sound is putrid. The name comes from the way the theme is hidden away and sneaks in and out. Don't expect to recognize it at the beginning. Rather short, 2 minutes and 4 seconds.


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    Re: The Sneak

    Hi Richard,

    Fantastic! I really enjoyed the sneaky theme penetrating in the massive sound barrier from time to time. Well done! The ambience made it hard however to hear through the construction, but the visual score made it a lot easier.

    Thanks for sharing.


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