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Topic: Tara's Theme (2014)

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    Tara's Theme (2014)


    Well, I finally got this done. I finished it a little while ago. For this arrangement I went full out off grid snap and a slightly different approach. It is a short arrangement that expresses deeply on her melody in the middle (played by the flute). This composition is not meant to focus on sadness or sorrow but the happiness of remembering her.

    - Vienna SE Woodwinds Flute (Tara's Melody)
    - Blakus Cello (Embertone)
    - Emotional Piano (Soundiron)
    - Warm String Pad (Dimension Pro)



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    Re: Tara's Theme (2014)

    Gorgeous. I love it. I'll have to try out that string pad myself - you made it sound great.

    Thanks again
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    Re: Tara's Theme (2014)


    As always, you know how to catch your emotions in a rich soundscape, with well chosen instruments and effects. Another great version, although I'm not particularly fond of the cello. For the rest, fantastic again!


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    Re: Tara's Theme (2014)

    Thanks for the feedback Max! I love soundscapes!! As for the cello it is a bit on the wet side especially compared to the VSL ones, but it has the most flexibility in regards to controlling Vibrato, Portamento, Dynamics, etc. I think the Garritan Gofriller Cello is suppose to do that, but I will never get to try it because it is gone.

    Thanks Owen, I really love that string pad too. It is the only synth I use in my music, it is really WARM!!! Thanks for listening to this arrangement!



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