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Topic: VotA license agreement

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    VotA license agreement

    Sorry if I am beating a dead horse but...I was just checking out the VOTA demo on soundsonline and noticed the license restriction regarding no use in Motion picture advertising.

    I can understand Nick\'s thinking on this. And the chances that I will be doing any movie trailer music is slim to none so its not that big of a deal. But I think he should understand why so many people are upset by the restriction. Basically, it just complicates things. I don\'t want to have to think about what samples I can or can\'t use for a particular project. I don\'t want the fear of something biting me in the a** down the road. Say I write a pop song using the library. It becomes a hit, and a movie studio wants to license 30 seconds of it to use in the middle of a 3 minute trailer. I wouldn\'t be allowed to license it to them. That seems unfair. I suppose I could always remix it, but again--it just complicates matters. What if someone at the record company handles all the licensing and my contract with them says they can license the song however they want? This could all happen without my knowing about it. See what I mean? Complicated.

    I respect Nick\'s right to do business however he wants. And he makes one hell of a product. But I think he should reconsider this license restriction.

    Will the future QL Orchestra library carry the same restriction?

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    Re: VotA license agreement

    The orchestra library will have a normal, liberal license agreement, like the one for Rare Instruments or QL Brass. The choir library was created for my own personal use and then I decided to release it. Hence, the shoddy initial release. It is a special case and I have done very well with the cues that I created from it. This would not have been the case had I given the library a standard license agreement. I wouldn\'t worry about it too much, I am very reasonable. I am just trying to stop an avalanche of trailer/choir cues from my competition and the big music houses.

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    Re: VotA license agreement

    \"I wouldn\'t worry about it too much, I am very reasonable\"

    um .. ... o.k.

    \"I am just trying to stop an avalanche of trailer/choir cues from my competition and the big music houses\"

    So who\'s your competition? Who are these \"Big music houses\" that are putting you out of work? What is this avalanche your talking about?

    If there is an avalanche of choir music suddenly happening, then you should want to sell your library to all of the composers who need your sounds. Your logic is alluding me....

    Just make a library all of us can use, or don\'t.

    It\'s perfectly fine if you want to create your own private library, but if you are going to release it to the public ....

    we would like it as \'no strings attached\'

    instead of

    \"I wouldn\'t worry about it too much\"


    a.k.a Karl Orff

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    Re: VotA license agreement

    It is a special case and I have done very well with the cues that I created from it

    I\'m sure you have.

    Thanks for sharing

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    Re: VotA license agreement

    It\'s interesting what happens when one is honest about something. Anyway, this has been discussed a few times and I don\'t have the energy to explain it again. In a nutshell- the revenues from this sample library are less than the revenues from the music I created with it. I think it\'s better to share with 99% of the composers, than not to share at all. If you don\'t like the agreement, just don\'t buy the library. The \"I am reasonable\" comment was simply refering to the fact that I am not going to go after someone if it is a marginal/accidental violation of the agreement.

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    Re: VotA license agreement

    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the response. I appreciate your being upfront and honest. Thinking about it further, it sounds reasonable to me. And I am glad the orchestra library will have standard license. Can\'t wait to hear it!!!

    (I haven\'t even gotten my GigaStudio system yet, but I am starting to check out various libraries.)

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    Re: VotA license agreement


    I think you miss the point. Without saying it directly, Nick pretty much told you the scoop. Read between the lines. If you have a situation on your hands, make a phone call or fire off a private e-mail and work it out.

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    Re: VotA license agreement


    Your comments are resonable to me, thanks for the candor - now get back to work on the Orchestral Library!!!! [grin]

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    Re: VotA license agreement

    For those of you complaining about the restrictions, as Nick said, this has been covered numerous times before, so do a search.

    Second, how many US trailer offers have you gotten recently?

    My point exactly.

    Personally, I\'m saving up to get the library, and couldn\'t care less about the restriction. If I get to the point where I\'m offered a trailer, I\'ll either not use a choir in it, or I\'ll use another choir library. It\'s not the end of the world.

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