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Topic: Rewire and vst - difference?

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    Rewire and vst - difference?

    I just read Gigastudio 3 will support Rewire. I use Kompakt and Sampletank as vst plugins. How would using gigastudio3 as a rewire device be different from using other samplers as vst plugins? I use Sonar 3.

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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    Well as far as I understand it, Giga exists outside of the main DAW. Rewire enables you to use it as if it was a VST... right? ... If it was a VST you would open the program inside the DAW and it would suck becuase it would it would.

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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    Rewire lets two devices behave as Master and Slave. If your sequencer is the Rewire master and Giga 3 is the Rewire slave all audio and MIDI flows between the 2. It\'s really how all MIDI audio apps should be.
    You wouldn\'t open Giga \"inside\" anything except your main Computer.

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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    Thanks, but I still dont fully understand.

    What would be the practical difference in the rewire use of GS3 and vst use of Kompakt, as far as working on a musical piece in Sonar or Cubase/Logic is concerned? Or would it work exactly the same?

    One thing I understand is, if I save a project with Kompakt vst, all settings of Kompakt are saved with the project. With GS3, I would have to save the GS3 settings separate from the project. Is that right?

    Are there any more differences?

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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    Originally posted by Neole:
    With GS3, I would have to save the GS3 settings separate from the project. Is that right?

    Are there any more differences?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi, I believe youe are correct. Another difference is online processing or as it\'s called in Cubase SX \"digital mixdown\" which allows a vst to be rendered to audio easier and faster than playing it in real time.

    Also, as I understand it, Rewire doesn\'t work if you have GS on a seperate computer. Neither does vst, yet there is a vst wrapper in the works that works with FX teleport which will allow GS on a remote machine yet show up as a vst instrument in your daw.

    I\'m just learning all this stuff, so hopefully someone with a little better understanding can chime in...

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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    Here is an explanation of Rewire from the Propellerheads site...

    ReWire has the following features:
    Real-time streaming of up to 256 individual audio channels (up to 64 with ReWire 1) from one application to another.
    Real-time streaming of up to 4080 individual MIDI channels from one application to another (255 MIDI buses with 16 channel per bus). This feature requires ReWire 2.
    High-precision synchronization - complete, glitch-free sync between the two applications, with no settings to make and no parameters to worry about.
    Common transport functions - if both applications have built-in sequencers of some sort, you can play, stop, rewind etc. in any of the applications and they will both locate to the same position.
    Additional querying - one application can \"ask\" the other about audio channel names, etc. This feature requires ReWire 2
    How do you use ReWire
    To start with, you need two programs that support ReWire. One of these programs is the \"synth application\" (the application generating audio) and the other is the \"mixer application\" (the application to which you want to stream the audio). Typically, the synth application could be a stand-alone software synthesizer such as Propellerhead Software\'s Reason, while the mixer application could be a hard disk recording program, audio sequencer, digital audio workstation, etc.

    After you have activated ReWire in the mixer application and launched the synth application (in that order), the following happens:

    All audio from the synth application will appear in the mixer application. This means you can use the mixer application to adjust levels, add EQ and effects, etc. For example, if your synth application is Reason, you can have the sound from the different Reason devices appear on separate mixer channels in the mixer application, where you can freely mix and route them.

    You can route MIDI from the mixer application to the synth application (requires that both applications support ReWire 2). This means you can have any sequencer track etc. in the mixer application play a sound source in the synth application - in effect, you can control everything from the mixer application.

    If both applications have built-in sequencers, transport will automatically be linked - start playback in one application and the other follows automatically and instantly, in perfect synchronization.
    That\'s basically it!


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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    VST is a standard for audio/midi plugins, while ReWire is a standard for interapplications communication.

    The use of plugins allows a -much- greater host/plugin (or sequencer/sampler) integration in terms of automation, mixing resolution, final rendering and managing of consolidated project contents.

    The use of ReWire -theoretically- would have the advantage of making the whole system more crash-resistant. Reality shows mixed experiences with current ReWire applications.


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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    Thanks. So I guess there wont be much practical difference between using Kompakt and Gigasampler from Sonar, except for saving the settings bit.

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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    I have been using Cubase SX with Reason in ReWire mode, and I must say that it really rocks!

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    Re: Rewire and vst - difference?

    I\'ll just hope Sonar\'s implementation of rewire is as good as Cubase\'s, when GS3 comes out.

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