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Topic: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

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    OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    I would just like to know from all you pros out there, why is my music rated soo low, is it because it has a horrible melody, bad samples, bad recording, what is it I would really like to know? If I can figure out what the weak points are with my composing, I can strengthen them to create better music. Disregard the little statement in my signature saying \"don\'t be too harsh I am only 17\", please this is a time where I need to know point blank what it is. Also, please elaborate on it don\'t be vague like saying \"your music sucks, thats why\" or something along those lines.

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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    I don\'t understand what you mean by \'rated so low\'. How is your music getting rated?

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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    The pieces I uploaded to the user demos area here. All my pieces are rated like 5.4 and lower.

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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    Forget the ratings on there Adam, even Thomas J\'s piece only gets a 7...and the ones that aren\'t much good get really high ratings. Its not being professionally reviewed, its just user opinions so I\'d just ignore it. For instance, if you asked everyone\'s opinion on this forum then most would be rating your music on its realism or orchestration rather than the quality of the composition itself. I know I would anyway. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    Adam, I agree with Hasen. Took a look at your stuff, and there\'s only a VERY small number who have actually voted - like 6 or 7 people. That\'s not what I\'d call even a vaguely representative sample. For that matter, I\'d be happy to be only a point and a half behind Thomas at age 17 [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Just keep doing what you\'re doing. The more you do, the more you learn, the better EVERYTHING gets. And where you are now is pretty great for 17.

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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    Hey, I could be wrong, but at \"17\" I don\'t think that\'s the time to worry about being rated, it\'s the time to LEARN more about your craft. You have plenty of time to conquer the world with fanastic music in the future. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    Thank you all for your insight, I will ignore the ratings and just continue to make new music and get better at composing [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    Now this IS a refreshing thread. I am a professional composer. At age 17 I was still learning to play the piano, studying Bach & Beethoven and playing guitar and B-3 in a Rock Band. What I wrote then was garbage. I didn\'t learn to write great music till my 30\'s and it wasn\'t \'til my forties that I could make a living from it. It takes patience and you never stop learning.

    I would ignore EVERYTHING and ANYTHING anyone says about your music. If you LOVE IT, then it\'s GREAT!

    Just follow your heart and dreams.

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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    Hiya... My life in a nutshell...

    When I was...
    18: I was studying Classical piano.

    19: I was studying Classical piano.

    20: I was studying Classical piano.

    21: I saw a huge Mackie mixer at my Jazz piano teacher\'s house. That\'s the first time I have even seen a real-life mixer! Prior to that, a mixer is something you blend milk and banana with to make a banana milk shake...

    22: I bought the Roland EM-28 Super Intelligent Keyboard. Its got 61 keys and 128 GM sounds! I thought I was in Heaven! Started writing my first piece.

    23: Bought the Roland XP-30 and now it felt like I was really in Heaven after the disappointment of the EM-28... Continued writing but 99% of my songs sounded like c*#p...

    24: Stopped writing cos of girlfriend...

    25: Bought GOS and now I can seriously start writing decent music...

    See... I am 25 and still haven\'t written something that I liked!!! You are 17 and already you have about 6 years advantage over me... Chill dude!!! Continue that way and you will be churning out masterpieces by the time you get to my age!!! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]


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    Re: OT: Why is my music rated so low?

    Hey Adam, do yourself a favor and don\'t worry about other people rating your music. It\'s almost laughable that you worry about that kinda thing. I\'ve heard your music, and with the tools you got, it sounds pretty nice. You make the music that YOU want to make, and don\'t worry about others.

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