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Topic: Strengths of each Sampler or Synth

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    Strengths of each Sampler or Synth


    I am currently enjoying the new studio set up in my cave, great Reverb!!!!

    I have a few projects coming up soon, and need some input on what the strenghts are of the following gear I will describe to you. I am also not sure which synth or sampler will serve its purpose.

    First I compose Ethnic/Tranz type music and love warmth, and some nice beats.

    Here is the gear: (No experience with these, so any tips will be appreciated)

    1. Karma.
    Nord Lead
    Sequencer Logic /SOnar

    For Trans type music what will the above gear be able to offer me, what is best for percussion, Pads, Strings?

    Please shed some light, its dark in here.... BATS


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    Re: Strengths of each Sampler or Synth

    Well, I don\'t have the SC or Access (although I\'d like a virus... so feel free to send it to me!). Actually I don\'t have a Triton either, but I have a Karma which has most of the same waveforms i think as the Triton LE.

    I really love the following patches for several things : From Vocal/airy - Dream Voices, Fresh Breath, Vocalesque, vocalscaping.

    from motion synth (I think it\'s motion synth) I really love Aqua Phonics and Oxygen. I think all those are on the LE. Also I use some of the arpeggio functions from the Karma and send the MIDI SysEX to other modules. You might be able to do that with the Virus, I\'m not sure. If you can then you can really create some cool stuff.

    Hope it helps! May I ask why you\'re using only these pieces of gear? Just curious [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Strengths of each Sampler or Synth

    Hi Caveman

    Not sure a Virus C is the best machine for new age/ambient material. I have a Virus B, there are quite a few more \"restrained\" patches but on the whole it\'s a very in your face synth. If you are prepared to program then you won\'t have a problem as tt\'s the best of the hardware modeling synths IMO although the Supernova II isn\'t far behind.

    You also may want to look at Spectrasonics Atmosphere when it\'s released next month (I hope!!!) and for drums the Spectrasonics Liquid Grooves CD.

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