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Topic: combining libraries

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    combining libraries

    This is probably an obvious question to everyone except me but are there any drawbacks in combining libraries. I like VSL but it\'s missing a number of features, even in the pro edition. On the contrary, I really like kirk hunter and project sam brass, garritan strings and giga harp, london percussion and dan dean woodwinds. So my question is can I buy sections from different vendors, combine them and have them sound relatively cohesive? Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: combining libraries

    Of course, you can do that.
    Everyone had done it before those big libraries came.

    Reverb and EQ are very important in this case.

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    Re: combining libraries

    Relatively cohesive [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Yes, relatively... Depends on how you define that. Cannot give you a specific hint, but older topics posting demos combine quite a lot libraries, even those who got completely different approaches (recent thread of VSL+QLSO e.g.) - a search for \"mp3 DD\" or something like that would perhaps show you even some examples with shortly explained setups. How else could one use SAM brass within an orchestral setting - they don\'t have a string section (yet?), nor they have winds... And Westgate got no percussion or brass, so these would all be unusable if you could not combine them with other sounds. Apart from that, as you said, you might look for the different features a specific library got that the other doesn\'t have.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: combining libraries

    yes polarbear, it does help. thanks guys.

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