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Topic: Ashley's Spirit

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    Ashley's Spirit

    I recently began collaborating with a gentleman from Pennsylvania on his third CD. He is a brilliant pianist and composer. My small part was just to add a few instruments, in this case GPO flute, oboe, french horn, and Gofriller Cello. He had a Grammy nominated musician do all his mastering. Hope you enjoy it.

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    Re: Ashley's Spirit

    I like your comp on this Gary. It might be my imagination but the instruments that you added seem dryer than the piano. They sound to me like they could use a little more space. They are nicely understated so as not to take away from the piano. I enjoyed your work on this. Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: Ashley's Spirit

    That's a very lovely piece of New Age, Gary, and your contributions are beautifully supportive and restrained. I have to assume the pianist and his engineer are happy with the way this mix has been done, complete with the floating outer space reverb on the piano. It's all very effective. What a fun gig for you!


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    Re: Ashley's Spirit

    Lovely, dreamy music. Very relaxing and yet pleasant to listen to. Well done!


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