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Topic: Sample Mover

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    Sample Mover

    Just saw this note about the release of what could be a quite useful programme for people who\'d like to consolidate presets they use on different hardware modules on their soft sampler.


    I can\'t get onto the actual website, but from the article it looks like it\'s designed to do a kind of \'auto record\' of sounds from whatever midi module you connect to. It allows you to choose a patch, set record duration, interval, keyboard range and velocity.

    So if you were sick of getting the old M1 down off the shelf every time you wanted to use one of your four favourite sounds that you haven\'t heard anywhere else. Just plug the M1\'s audio and midi into your PC, check the preset numbers, tell Sample Mover you want the samples played for five seconds each at medium velocity every 3 semitones for five octaves and then hit record. A couple of minutes later you have all those samples in a folder. Then import the folder to Giga and use the wizard to make up a Giga patch version of the M1 sounds. Sure, you\'ll have to do a bit of amp envelope tweaking, but nothing like brain surgery, and you could even do velocity switched versions of the original.

    I think this could be quite cool for a quick and dirty way fo getting samples out of one machine and into another. It\'s a far cry from original recordings, but still a fun way to transfer stuff.
    Clever use of midi.

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    Re: Sample Mover


    I\'d sort of created an automatic task that would do this for me, but to have it in one app would be awesome

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    Re: Sample Mover

    I just got ono the Webster audio site.

    Sheesh! Those guys have got to be kidding!

    They want $129 for the sample move utility.

    It looks like a simple elegant (even fun)solution, but considering I can do exactly the same thing with a sequencer and the auto split in my audio editor (and have more flexiblity), I\'m kind of surprised at the price. I mean, you can\'t compare the work which would have gone into sample mover with what the guys at CDxtract or Chickensys have put into their sample conversion utilities...

    Not a chance, I\'d prefer to put the money towards my next real library disk.

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