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Topic: GS3 to usurp VSL Performance Tool?

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    GS3 to usurp VSL Performance Tool?

    Forgive if this has been covered elsewhere:

    I understand that GS3 will include an alternation tool. Presumably this means that developers could now begin to record legato intervals for their libraries and have GS3 perform them in the same way as VSL\'s PT without fear of patent infringement.

    If so, this would mean that developers suddenly have an awful lot of extra recording to do. But the results could revolutionize the sampling world (again).

    I wonder how such legato patches would work with ambient libraries like EWQL, SAM and SISS?


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    Re: GS3 to usurp VSL Performance Tool?

    Have you checked the VSL forum?


    This is THE place to ask.

    I believe there are no such plans for the coming months, because it is (obviously) a lot of work and VSL still has no alpha or beta version of GS3 (they recently stated).

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    Re: GS3 to usurp VSL Performance Tool?

    Thanks Peter

    I was wondering more about how other developers would use GS3\'s new tool. For instance, it would be pretty interesting to hear SISS or Westgate legato versions using GS3. It might have a pretty big impact on VSL, although Herb and his team have the advantage of years of expertise.

    Evens so, the stakes may have been raised.


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    Re: GS3 to usurp VSL Performance Tool?

    But don\'t forget, it was the VSL team who essentially gave away the performance tool to the Giga team, and I\'m sure they wouldn\'t have done so if they weren\'t already a few steps ahead. No company wants to put themselves out of business, after all. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GS3 to usurp VSL Performance Tool?

    Cheers Alex. I didn\'t know about VSL\'s involvement with GS3. Interesting stuff.

    To be honest, I had expected a bit more interest in this topic from the forum. Seems pretty important to me. But perhaps it has already been discussed, or is boring, or something else.

    I can\'t help feeling that this \"sample wars\" rubbish is affecting the tone of NS. Or maybe I really have just posted a boring topic. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Luck to all

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    Re: GS3 to usurp VSL Performance Tool?

    Originally posted by Not Dudley Simpson:

    I can\'t help feeling that this \"sample wars\" rubbish is affecting the tone of NS. Or maybe I really have just posted a boring topic. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Luck to all
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Heath,
    It\'s not a boring subject, the midi rules will make a huge difference to sample libraries. I just think it\'s too early to discuss it as we don\'t really know the details.
    As to the \"sample wars\", you\'re probably right [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    Roll on April.


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    Re: GS3 to usurp VSL Performance Tool?

    Hi Heath,

    As you already heard, VSL and Nemesys/Tascam have collaborated already on the ideas around MIDI rules. I think that is probably an ongoing process. Definitely the strength is that the rules engine, being in the kernel layer with everything else, can perform the analyses required with less latency.

    The thing that excites me about the MIDI rules engine is the roll-your-own aspect. One wouldn\'t be able to experiment with these kinds of techniques if an engine had to be custom-coded for every \"trick.\" Now, with literally thousands of mapping techniques and combinations added in one fell swoop, the possibility exists of doing a proof of concept, and getting the session goals tweaked before the expense of recording is undertaken.

    Just the types of analysis/quick triggering one could do on a drum pad would be mind-boggling. And I think that once a generation of this rules-engine has been in the field, we\'ll get a massive feedback from the user/developer base, increasing the possibilities by factors of themselves.

    Haha...you don\'t have any trouble getting ME excited about the MIDI rules engine, because I have always thought it was really a more value-adding component than the convolution aspect. It puts so much design possibility on the table...and retroactive to every library a person already uses. Once people start digging into it, I think it will begin to spark peoples\' interest in the medium. It\'s one thing to get an update that promises fertile ground for new material. The fact that older material can gain new value is pretty exciting stuff.

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