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Topic: how to move GIO and GPO sample folders?

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    GPO ensemble dropbox is disappeared

    I have notice that in aria player the GPO ensemble dropbox is disappeared.
    I have GIO installed, and i see the "Combos and FX + moods" dropbox, but no trace of GPO ones.
    how can I replace it?!

    I have aria player 1.504 and aria engine 1.626

    Sorry, I have edited the original post because i have solved the first problem and i discovered another one!

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    Re: how to move GIO and GPO sample folders?

    It would appear that when you installed IO, an older version of ARIA was included, and you installed that also, replacing the newer one you already had.

    Sign in at MakeMusic and go to the download for ARIA 1.620. If I'm understanding how things are being done now, the updated ARIA Engine should be included:

    MM Downloads


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