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Topic: New gigs at Worra's Place

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    New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    It\'s been a while, but I finally got a few minutes away from editing samples and updated Worra\'s Place with a couple of new gigs. Enjoy!

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    Re: New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    For people using the ethnic flute sound... I have this sound on Qu-Parts\' Sonic Images library, so I am pretty sure its not legal to have this sample on Worras site, or to use it. I have seen this sound at other places as well, but why would it be on Sonic Images if it was just a free sound?

    I wont do anything of course, I just think its good to know where it came from.

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    Re: New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    Some of the older sample CDs took sounds from wherever they could find them. If that\'s the Shak I\'m thinking of, then it first appeared on the Emulator II.

    As an interesting aside, when the EII and the original Kurzweil 250 were competing with eachother, I spent some time with both, only to find that at least the choir and french horns in both instrument\'s libraries were identical...

    There are sample CDs from well known companies which have drum loops on them which are from high profile pop songs and extremely recognizable. I\'ve always wondered what would happen if you used one of these and had a hit. I assume the publishers of the original would be in touch, but what would happen when you say \"I took the sample from a CD I purchased which was royalty free\" ? Would it end up being a chain lof lawsuits? (Old song\'s publisher sues new song\'s publisher, new song\'s publisher sues artist, artist sues sample library publisher, sample library publisher sues sample library developer...)

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    Re: New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    Thanx Ed for pointing this out. The gig has been removed. The purpose of Worra\'s Place is to share peoples homemade gigs, not samples taken from any sample-cd\'s.

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