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Topic: Halion 2.0.3 public beta out.

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    Halion 2.0.3 public beta out.

    With all the excitement going on lately (not the least of which is seeing Janet Jackson\'s boob during the Superbowl) you may have missed the Halion 2.0.03 public beat release over at Steinberg..


    I\'m not much for betas, but I know there\'s a lot of cutting edge types here. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Halion 2.0.3 public beta out.

    Some cool upgrades there, better Giga import finally and I like the new folder options where you can assign a folder for Halion to search when looking for missing samples, that was much needed.

    Boobie lol !
    What was she doing with that sun shaped thing going through her nipple, now that can\'t be comfortable when you\'re dancing and singing, lol !


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